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(10-Sep-2003 at 04:34)
Advice for a First time Monarch

Our former Monarch decided not to stay with our kd this age. It appears that I will soon be elected monarch.

I've never been monarch before, but I'm an active player with a good knowledge of the game. Our Kd seems fairly active so far, we have a number of active members from last age and a number of new active players.

I'd like to hear what advice other Monarchs would offer to a first time monarch? What would be the one thing that you wish you would have known when you first became monarch?

What is your formula for success? What would you have done differently if you had to do it for the first time again?
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Old mde
(Posted as Maxwells Demon)
Posts: 20/94
(10-Sep-2003 at 04:56)
Depending on the KD you rule. Some KD's like one leader doing ALL the decisions... diplomacy, war finding, practically everything put take care of their province. Some want a say in what happens next in the kd. It's best to have a thread for your kingdom to give input.

You should be a benevolent leader and be nice to everyone, in the end they'll all trust you. However during rough times, it's time to take off the mask and reveal a strict leader who can make clear decisions without letting emotions or stress cloud your judgement.

It's important to instill trust in the members of your KD. Without it, it falls apart. Everyone splits off to do their own thing. When one person doesn't pull their weight in their KD, force them to improve.

I'm sure better advice can be given... but right now, for me it's late at night and I'm still doing little bits of homework.
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Posts: 1/38
(10-Sep-2003 at 05:04)
I prefer not to make each and every decision since I have been Monarchy. I think my KD enjoys helping with the final say so in anything we are about to do. Once you really become close to those within your KD and undertand their personal strats it really does become easier and you said that you have been with the same KD for awhile, right? It really all depends on the KD, different Monarchy strats for differnet KD's. It may sound bad but all I really do is sit back and listen to what everybody else wants then I just put down the final word in things, even if I don't like what we are about to do.

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Posts: 8/277
(10-Sep-2003 at 05:11)

Re: Advice for a First time Monarch

Being a good monarch is just about experience. not just experience playing the game, but also experience being a monarch. im sure you know the basics of being a monarch [proper diplomatics,kill off inactives, keep up activity,etc..] from your experience playing utopia in past ages. Everthing else will come to you through trial and error.

but here are a few pointers:
*always have the kingdoms approval, you piss them off and its bye-bye monarchy
*deligate your authority!
*lead the kingdom with example, dont be all talk and no action.
*keep up communication within your kingdom [ICQ,msn,Y!,etc...]
*inactives are your main enemy. they spread like wildfire, beware!
*know how to win wars
*diplomacy wins the war not the meter.
* be aggresive, make rules and have people follow them.

not all monarchs are the same. im sure your kingdom will require a diffrent type of authority then the kingdom next to you. it is up to you to find the monarcharcy needed to rule your kingdom to achieve its maximum.
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Posts: 2/38
(10-Sep-2003 at 05:16)
Oh inactives are terrible! Be sure you keep up on them because like the person before this post said...they are your worse enemies! They will bring you down and all that crap. Ahem, sorry to kinda stray I am sure you know about inactives...lol...I just really hate them with a passion

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Posts: 10/277
(10-Sep-2003 at 05:31)

yeah, inactives can really drag the kingdown.

another tip is if you have alot of inactives, goto war with someone that is close to their size and tell the other kingdom to get as much land off of your inactive as possible. once they are close to 200 acres, your own kingdom can raze'm dead in just a few attacks.
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Posts: 20/33
(10-Sep-2003 at 05:44)
Well, lets see. I can think of several points to make.

First point is about decision making. As a rule, if it is a decision that doesn't need to be made right away, let your kingdom vote and give imput on it. However, if it is a decision that needs to be made relatively quickly, then make it yourself. Remember your kingdom made you their monarch because they trust your judgement. And even if you have to make quick decisions, try and get some quick imput from kingdom mates over instant messaging if they are on.

Monarchy does get easier as you go along and get to know your kingdom more. I know what each and every person from last age is capable of doing and what their strats are. This will greatly help with being able to plan wars and just in general.

Getting rid of inactives is a major thing to do. Also getting rid of farms and noobs refusing to learn.

This brings me to another point. Noobs. There is nothing wrong with new people to the game, as long as they are willing to learn. Even if they are slow learners. Take the time to go over their strats and help improve them. Teach them how to play the game too. And most importantly, tell them WHY they should do this or that. If you tell them a good strat, but not they why of it, they still won't know what they are doing. Also, give them some room to do some trial and error. There is no better teacher than trial and error. Just point them in the right direction.

Another this is you should be very active in your kingdom and log on several times through out the day. Try to know what is going on in your kingdom. Read every new post in the forums. Check the papers and keep track who you are hitting and who is hitting you.
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Posts: 52/68
(10-Sep-2003 at 05:45)

because your kd is used to your old monarch, the best thing to do is try and talk to them and get some advice on what they did, it'll make the transition smoother.

also, never rule with an iron fist. u don't need to be a tyrant to be a good monarch. make sure everyone feels they're contributing to the kd equally and that they aren't left out or ailenated, it reduces conflicts and inactivity. but because u are the monarch, make it clear u have the final say, but be FAIR about what u say.

learn to suck a lot of stuff up. u're going to get a LOT of complaints, and blame, and accusations some relavent some totally unfounded but u're the monarch and u need to learn very quickly NOT to take it personally, but to be gracious and just listen, and try not to over react. u also will have a big fat bullseye on your provie, so be prepared for constant attacks, thievery and magic especially in wars.

also it's best if u try and find at least 2 others in the kd who are very reliable and experienced players that the rest of the kd trusts to help out in major decisions. there are always certain people in a kd that others will listen to, but then ignore others, so if u can find those 2 other people u can have them be the diplomats for the people in your kd who u may have a disagreements with. and it's just nice to have someone to turn to once in a while.

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(Posted as Tiger 18)
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(10-Sep-2003 at 06:05)

dude just be yourself

don't forget to get your kdmate's contacts so you can coordinate with them and so you won't have a problem with war and stuff

good luck dude ^_^

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(Posted as WiMP)
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(10-Sep-2003 at 07:22)

*I lead by example;
(when provs see how well u do they get encourage to learn the game)

*Make kd plans for the future and explan how/why/when before and after.Go for small goals then continue

*Be patient; building a kd takes time!

*Dont join an Alliance

[- P i G L e T -]
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Posts: 84/131
(10-Sep-2003 at 09:03)
be decisive, but temper strictness with humour. adjust your style to the kingdom. if it's a ghetto, a firm hand would do wonders, while if you're in a kd of active, able players, u pretty much can go with the majority, though u might have to tough when you know that something's not exactly very appealing, but yet the best alternative.
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(Posted as Lord Hawk1)
Posts: 1402/2085
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(10-Sep-2003 at 09:54)
As many have said here, the worst enemy of a kingdom is inactivity. It can spread to even your most dedicated provinces as your numbers dwindle, it turns active kingdoms into ghettos if one is nto careful.

As long as your kingdom is active, and at least 20 people take a highly active part, be democratic, but also learn how to keep your mates on their toes. You do not have to be a tyrant, but make sure they know you are their leader and have the final say.

If things start to slip away, you need to take firm action quickly before it spreads. You must not be afraid to tend to anyone that becomes a wound to the kingdom. Everyone should pull their own weight in your kingdom and if they do not, then use firm action as a last resort to get them to do so.

Monarch province strats, and war strats are highly overrated. With an active bunch of people, many people can give you such input. Combined with the activity of your kingdom, this alone should help you guys win wars and grow quickly and have much pride in what you have established.

"God does not play dice" -- Albert Einstein
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Posts: 1026/2044
(10-Sep-2003 at 11:42)

Be active, help out your kd mates and organise them...ask them to be active in forum

ineser the Imperial
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Posts: 30/31
(10-Sep-2003 at 13:36)
One thing that is very important is not to give IN.

If you have decided something you have to go all the way. otherwise you will appear weak.

Keep on fighting!Enjoy the game!
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Posts: 154/172
(10-Sep-2003 at 14:16)

-The first decision that will make your KD a respectable one as opposed to a guetto is to impose mandatory races and personalities... thats the most important. From that point on, the game is just much easier for everybody in the KD

-in second, organising rally is one of the most important thing. most KD run away when you were able to get 20 of your guys connected (20 attacks) for the declaration. Only top KD wont and if you rallied 20 of your guys, you re a top KD so....

-dont be a fool. Powerplay Strike on the weak and take all the time you need to find the right target. if you must surrender then surrender. always think of the gains. if you re not going to gain from a war, end it. The only exeption is the Top 50, here people dont necessarily think about gains, hurting a rival KD in the long term become the possible objective of a war... but we re not there yet

-The architecture of your forum must be clever and try to bring your guys to have fun... like a family
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Posts: 386/681
(10-Sep-2003 at 14:21)
The two most important things are to be really active and communication between KD mates.
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Posts: 37/91
(10-Sep-2003 at 14:41)

i've served under a lot of monarchs, although i never was a very good one myself..

kingdom stratagy you will get from those experianced rulers posting, i'll offer only a few things i personally like that have not been mentioned...

learn as many real mames/prefered nicks as possible... i just find i respond well when my king or queen calls me by name..

be carefull deleting current threads in forums.. during peacetime i mean... a lot of people get upset when their posts don't have 24 hours to draw responses... i know many people prefer a clean forum, but just as many get upset to log in and see their last post deleted..

make the decisions, but make sure people know you considered their ideas even if for the good of kingdom you had to decide against them.. i always supported my monarchs better when they accknowleged my suggestions but said they had to decide otherwise..

and the one thing i would do differently, hmm, it has been awile, but i would say i would have developed and kept up better with contacts made with people in other kingdoms... not neccessarily with alliances, although that certainly would have benifited my kingdom had i kept up with all the various alliance people i have met over the years.. but contacts with other kingdoms in general... the bigger your contact list, the better i think...

lol, and change monarchs loggin message daily...

good luck, i think you will do fine...

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Posts: 550/557
(10-Sep-2003 at 15:49)

my peice of advise is find some active sucker to be page and basically give him complete control of the forums, that way you don't need to worry about any of the hassles of manageing the forums.. but also be sure they are trustworthy and don't delete important stuff

a friend is someone who will bail you out of jail...
a real good friend however is some one who is sitting next to you and saying"how the fuck did we end up here!"
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Posts: 113/198
(10-Sep-2003 at 16:10)
Just thought I'd add my 2 cents:

* Try to make it fun for your kd-mates to log in. One way to do this is to get everyone involved in stuff in the forums. Even if it's just small talk, it will do wonders for overall kd morale. Use the monarch message as much as you can. Inactivity is the plague.

* A very good point someone else mentioned is to vary your decision-making (autocratic or democratic) depending on situation. If the situation calls for it, be firm and always believe (and know) that you are right. If it doesn't go well and somebody comes along to point it out, be flexible, don't be stubborn, but give your own reasons so the other kd members will see you for the far-sighted and visionary leader that you are..

* Make a point to know and call your kd-mates by real-life nickname, or even in-game ruler name is better than calling them by province name. It makes your orders sound more convincing and show that you respect them at the same time.

* Noobs (who don't want to learn) can be a pain, but they (who do want to learn) can also be a worthwhile investment. I had two noobs last age who really improved through guidance and who will be a very good asset to my kd this age.

* Be mature when mediating intra-kd conflicts. A cool and reasoned approach can put out most wildfires before they even start.

* Be fair and be a fun guy to have around!

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(Posted as ed0gawa)
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(10-Sep-2003 at 16:21)

as long as you don't have some mad rules like

17 hour login DAILY
7 hour on chat program daily

the need to send you aid resources 4 time DAILY ...

then you will do fine by killing inactive , communicate with other members , find some easier kd to fight sometimes , have some fun thread in the forum (might be games or you guys can just talk craps in it)

send in-game msg to those that are active but never goes to the forum , BUG them to do so ....

LISTEN to what your minions have to say ...


woot? ..... n00b power

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