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lightbulb Configuring a new board


To add a new board to the Forum Agent's boards list, go to the Boards Management panel, using one of these ways:

- Main Menu -> Settings -> Special Agents -> Forum Agent
- Main Menu -> Forum Agent -> Settings

Click "New" to add a new board.
Click "Edit" to edit an existing board.
Click "Delete" to remove a board from the list.
Click "Visit" to open the selected board in your browser.

This section covers the "New" and "Edit" options. The indented text (prefixed by bullets) provides examples for the relevant sections.

Display Name:

The Display Name is used to identify the board in the Boards List and the log file. Therefore, it is recommended to use significant names.

  • Kingdom (AA:BB)'s forums
  • The XYZ alliance

This is the URL (address) of the board. It is recommended to use the main page of the board for this field, but it is not mandatory; the Forum Agent will manage either way. If you're not sure how to fill-in this field, open the board you want to add in your browser, and copy the URL from the address bar to this field.

  • http://www.avidgamers.com/myforum
  • http://pub1.ezboard.com/bmyforum
  • http://forum.mykingdom.net
Forum Name:

This is the name of the default forum in the board. The default forum is used for locating the instructions thread, and posting data which is not directed to any other forum.

  • Random Intel
  • 51:52 war!!
  • Forum Agent Stuff
Note for Custom API users: This field is passed to the API as typed in by the user, and may be used to identify self-info in conjunction with the "alternative_forum_by_location" instruction.


The username whose account is used to post the data. Some boards may require you to register in order to post, while others have free access. In either way, a username is required to identify your posts, as the Forum Agent posts under your name.

User Password (optional):

The password for the account used to post the data. This field is optional in some forum configurations.

Forum Password (optional):

Some forums may require a password to access them. Notice: This is not the same as the User Password field! While you may have to login in order to gain access to the board, some forums may still be locked by password (supported by ezboard, vBulletin 3, and more). This field is optional.

Temporarily disabling boards:

You may add as many boards as you want to the boards list, and the Forum Agent will process them all. Sometimes it is needed to work with only some of the boards in the list. To achieve this, uncheck the checkbox near the board names to temporarily disable. Only the checked boards will be processed now.

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