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(12-May-2004 at 23:45)

mad Searching for a Evil Province

I have had troubles with this person before but the keep on defecting. He was last in ##:## in the Utopian Genesis server before he defected. If any one knows the location of the province "JEDI ACADEMY" Please notify me at once. It is of utter importance to me that he is destroyed or repayed for the damage wrought on my kd by this keniving lil F !!! Thank you to all who are helpful!
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(Post has been warned)
(13-May-2004 at 00:01)

Re: Searching for a Evil Province

CORRECTION HE WAS LAST IN Sygnal Says: Sygnal's Pants!

Last edited by Sygnal, 13-May-2004 at 00:41.
Edit reason: removed location, inserted sexual comment
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(13-May-2004 at 00:04)

1) Not supposed to be posting locations, the blocker is there for a reason

2) Wrong forums

3) C'mon man, it's a game. No one is worth that much time to track down...

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(13-May-2004 at 00:06)

If he recently defected, cast a Crystal Eye on the KD he was in.

If he defeceted awhile ago, then he oviously isn't that big of a problem if you just figured it out.

Other then that, like Hawkeye said.

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(13-May-2004 at 00:42)

This thread need not continue to exist.


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