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(20-Jan-2006 at 12:24)

lightbulb Utopia Angel v1.72 Alpha 1

What's new & fixed since version 1.71 Beta:

- Updated for the Age of Reason (Age #31)!
- Banks vs. TG's Power Tool: Support for Standoff's increasing military wages (rexregum)
- Banks vs. TG's Power Tool: Maximum TG's were capped at 25% (rexregum)
- BuildCalc: Barren land produce 2 bushels of food (rexregum)
- Forum Agent: Purge unsent entries after x days (myths)
- MilCalc: New land gains formula! (rexregum)

[ Please report new bugs here ]

Release Announcement:

- This is the first version compatible with the Age of Reason.

- The Power Tools are now fully compatible to all servers.

- Unsent and failed Forum Agent queue items will now be purged after 5 days. You may change this value in the Settings menu, or disable it completely (not recommended). If you have items older than 5 days which you want to send, do so before upgrading to this version.

- A new land gains formula is now used in Angel. It should give better estimations for most ranges, but will probably be wrong if the relative networth difference between you and your target is greater than 65%. This will be rectified when we get more gain reports from that range. Please continue to send your gain reports from the Military Calculator!

- The following calculators fields will be reset when upgrading to this version: Military Calculator, Power Tools.

- A special thank you to rexregum, for helping us keeping the Power Tools updated and of course for the new gains formula!

Brother Green, Utopia Angel creator.
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