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(17-Dec-2003 at 16:23)

lightbulb Utopia Angel v1.53 Alpha 1

What's new & fixed since version 1.52 Beta 3:

** Miscellaneous **

- Updated for The Revolution Age!
- Fixed: Thievery Calculator not importing Farms from Survey (Alorian)
- Restore tray-icon on Explorer crash (Muhamed Persson, secretz)

** Science Calculator **

- Tools effect bar adjusted (gritta)
- Change cursor to "cross" on effect bars
- Reset free science points when changing money field

** Kingdom Formatter **

- Fixed "index out of bounds" error (Adinsx)
- Minimum 100 soldiers to send to kill a dragon (Trevor O)

** Forum Agent v17 **

- Added support for Invision Board 1.3 (edog NI)
- Updated Avid Gamers identification (Selecta)

[ Please report new bugs here ]

Release Announcement:

This is truly an age of revolution. After ages of stagnation, Mehul rolled up his sleeves and touched almost every aspect of the game. It was a challenge to update Utopia Angel to all these changes so quickly (still in freeze time!), but the real challenge was to keep the Genesis server compatibility, since it still uses the old rules.

When upgrading to this version, the following calculator fields will be reset:

- Buildings Calculator
- Science Calculator

The following formulas are estimated for the new round. They will be updated gradually as the time starts rolling:

- Science effect
- Science cost
- Building cost
- Razing cost
- Attack gains

The following tasks are on the to-do list for the following versions:

- Fluid Happiness support
- Ambush attack support

New versions will be released in the following days, as needed. Please make sure to report all bugs and problems, so we could fix them as soon as possible.

Forum Agent v17:

Forum Agent version has increased to 17. Board administrators who want to block previous versions of Forum Agent from posting in their board should add the following line to the instructions thread:


For more information about the Forum Agent, click here.

Brother Green, Utopia Angel creator.
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