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(23-Dec-2003 at 07:33)
Well, the problem still remains. It is only when I copy a kingdom page, including my own, that has "awaiting activation" or anything other than normal. Does this have something to do with "scripts"? Because my coputer randomly asks if I would like to run scripts on this page (not neccesarily a utopian page, or a browser page) and refers me to a file in windows called "folder.txt". Could this be the problem? If so what should I do? And by the way...copying to your notepad and changing the numbers to a whole doesn't work either. It keeps the error message away, but it doesn't calculate as if it was a normal kingdom page.
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Posts: 19/79
(23-Dec-2003 at 08:23)

Everybody has this problem. I don't know very much about scripts, but i know it's because of those -Unclaimed- and -Awaiting Activation- provs. I think they'll fix it in next angel, or else you'll have to wait until Swirve thinks the age is really started and they don't need to show this again.
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Posts: 21/22
(23-Dec-2003 at 08:35)
(Originally posted by EternalWanderer)

some guy suggested copy the kd page and paste it to notepad then edit those -Awaiting Deletion- into some figures like 50000 or sth + Dead also giv trouble i think...please go to that thread and read further...
Correct... Could be me... But you can edit the values for the land. In order to format it needs a number there. So remove the "-" or "DEAD" and replace them with the number '1'. Select everything again and copy... It does the trick for me.
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Posts: 1/1
(23-Dec-2003 at 11:30)
same problem here, only at work, windows NT 4.0 with ie 6.0.2800.1106 got a - awaiting - prov in it.
But not at home win xp very strange. Is there a site where i can download a old version of angel?
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Old 798
Posts: 4/5
(23-Dec-2003 at 14:00)

I have this error when I try to copy my Throne Page.
I run V 1.53 A2. After this error i can copy the throne page but it's annoying me.
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(23-Dec-2003 at 18:34)
I also get an error when copying the throne page. After I click the error message's button (the error makes all the Angel windows disappear and replaces them with the button that says "Invalid Floating Point Operation" (I think)), then the Angel windows return, and I can copy the kingdom page.

I haven't really noticed the problem anywhere else but when copying the throne room.

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Posts: 60/79
(23-Dec-2003 at 22:01)

I get a dialog saying "Invalid floating point operation" when I try to format a kd page. I think it's the dashes under acres and net worth ... and it'd be an easy fix to write, too - just check those fields for a '-' before the code tries to do anything with them ...

I'm running 1.53 alpha 2.
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Posts: 37/65
(24-Dec-2003 at 00:25)
I've gotten this error whether formatting my Kingdom page, my throne page, or even formatting my internal affairs advisor!

It doesn't really disrupt anything, I just have to format whatever it is again and it usually works.

v1.53 Alpha 2, running Win XP

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(24-Dec-2003 at 07:12)
(Originally posted by Brother Green)

What's your operating-system?
__________________________________________________ __________

Windows XP Home on a Dell Dimension III
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(Posted as ed0)
Posts: 750/875
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(24-Dec-2003 at 07:19)

beta 2 on WinXP

i'll get the invalid floating point randomly

When i CB others. Or copying their intel (most frequent)
When i switch windom from IE to clipboard. (most frequent)
When i try to browse the previous page of the clipboard.(sometimes)
sometime when i copy my own CB (sometimes)


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Posts: 5/16
(24-Dec-2003 at 07:20)
Ogje, thanks a lot! I finally got a kd page to copy! All I had to do was change that land symbol (and nothing else) to a 1, and copy again and angel picked it up right away! Thanks man!
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Old WaP
Posts: 3/4
(24-Dec-2003 at 17:11)
Similar story
flowting point errors, clipboard that doesn't contain texts, system slowing down, ...

Thanks for your great tools by the way
What works:
Take CB
Format CB with angel

What also works:
Go to a KD-page
Format KD-page with angel

What doesn't work:
Take a CB
Go to KD-Page of corresponding KD
Format KD-page with angel
Format CB with angel
Now the surprising points
.1 When trying a second time it sometimes works (!!!????)
.2 The problems also occur when formatting Gen-data in stead of WoL-data.
Some system info:
Windows 98
Mozilla Firebird
Angel v1.53 Alpha 2
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Posts: 2/2
(25-Dec-2003 at 00:45)
i get that invalid floating point thing but i just do it again and it works fine i also get some other thing when i try to copy something all i do is try again.

v1.53 alpha 2 win xp
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Posts: 5950/8415
(25-Dec-2003 at 06:43)

sunglasses Possible Fix

It is possible that this error will be fixed in the next version (1.53 Alpha 3). Please let me know its status!

Brother Green, Utopia Angel creator.
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Posts: 65/67
(29-Dec-2003 at 16:57)

Forgot to get back to it, but since alpha 3 i haven't had the problem at all, thanks for the fix.

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