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(19-Jan-2006 at 09:15)
Dwarf BE Solution:

If you want to simulate Dwarf; it's not possible right now due to it not being updated (Prophet).

If you want to do it anyway; Importing seems to Cap out at 120%.

A better way; Modify your Tool Science. Now this is a pain since you've got to keep the Modifier in Check.

If you want to keep your BE between 123% and 125% (I figure it's better to underestimate then over); keep your Tool Science/Acreage ratio between 63 and 82.


If you have 1,000 acres; your tool science must stay between 63,000 and 82,000 to keep between 123% and 125% Building Efficiency.

I've tested this at a few land sizes; so long as the ratio of Tool Science / Acres remains between 63 and 82; your fine.


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