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(Posted as Black Aurora)
Posts: 452/469
(26-Jul-2012 at 22:09)

A green future - yeh right


so to start off -everyone- should by now know about the whole climate change CO2 emissions topic. If you don't, I hope your back's okay - I heard caves have really hard floors which are not comfy to sleep on.

Anyway, greenfreaks are trying to get everyone to care about this, and even governments are tryin to set green standards. Basically the idea is that if we don't green up within 50 years or so, OMFGWTFBBQ DIZAZTORRR AWAITS!

Okay, so the challenge is set. But really? Are we going to make it?

I mean there's already a sizable chunk of people dismissing climate change. They either don't think it's happening, or think it's something humans have or had no influence on.
There's giant upcoming economies that couldn't give a rat's ass about climate change.
There's an economic crisis which doesn't really help opening up access to funds for research into greener tech.
Green energy? Sure there are fantastic numbers out there for the potential of solar wind and water, but so far noone seems to be too entousiastic about tapping into that potential. Have you noticed how cold fusion is always about 50 years away? (As is a base on mars)
Whatever happened to Kyoto?

So yeh, I state that besides all good intentions, we won't manage to reach any of our climate goals. There's money to be made sir, screw the climate.
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