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View Poll Results: What should a faery player be?
Mage/Attacker (mystic personality) 18 20.00%
Thief/Mage (rogue personality) 42 46.67%
Pure Mage (mystic) 21 23.33%
Other??(please specify) 9 10.00%
Who voted? Voters: 90
You may not vote on this poll

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(Posted as bleak shadows)
Posts: 110/604
(28-Nov-2002 at 13:40)

lazy smile

pure mage or t/m

Honor isn't earned,it's taken
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Posts: 22/30
(30-Nov-2002 at 17:06)
Well lets see, I suggest that it all depends on what your goal is. t/m? then go with rogue for sure. However something to remember as a faery is that you can modify the offense and defense of your prov alot. (I know). I would say that faery is the best attacking race in utopia, if run right. I am at 1300 acres and just earlier made a hit on a 1700 acre dwarf. The personality Im using is shepard. The shepard lets me use more acres for barracks and that is huge. I make an attack in 8 hours. However if you can keep honor and not get retalled alot then war hero is your man..... think of it in number terms.
In war, prince, 22% barracks, 7% war sci, all mod spells, 4 generals and excited pop. modifies and attack by 172% that is huge. That means that 5000 off specs, usually 20k offense is now a huge force of 54+ offense. That dont sound like alot but I have 9000 off specs. Sounds alot bigger now. With that you can take out a prov of almost twice your size.
But if you want to be a jack of all trades go with rogue.
I for one miss my propaganda and assassinate wizzies
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