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(17-Dec-2002 at 15:49)

1.39 alpha 2: sci calc going mad

well, i think this is a new issue.

when i copy the sci page, the sci calc pop's up, correction the error message pops up BEFORE the sci calc. pops up.

the error report coming up i already included in this post.

the sci calc. goes mad after that, making the happiness blank, the race blank, and giving max sci without any sci points...

here is the raw data:

The Arts & Sciences
Knowledge You Know Effect In Progress Learn
Alchemy 10,615 +12.2% Income 6172
Tools 22,897 -35.1% Building Time 0
Housing 33,427 +12.9% Population Limits 0
Food 15,055 +31.8% Food Production 0
War 25,159 +6.4% Offensive Military Strength 0
Crime 12,946 +26.4% Thievery Effectiveness 0
Channeling 22,474 +38.7% Magic Effectiveness & Rune Production 0

oh, when i disable angel at first and then set it on, it'll get the sci good, even though the error pops up...

Blood Raven
Former Head investigator of the HappinessFormulaeandIndicators of age 17 through 25.
Creator of the (now outdated) TipsandTricksGuidetoUtopia!
Haven't played Utopia in several years now. But i have returned

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