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(04-Oct-2000 at 13:15)
Obvious multi's

What can we do when we suspect/know somebody is an actual multi by just looking at the number of attacks within a specific time frame/same name/same charecteristics, etc,? This is a continuing problem within the entire world. I know its rough.
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Old da kai
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(04-Oct-2000 at 13:29)
about multi's

i don't know it, but i would like to know it too...
maybe by setting your complaints into a message, sending it to yourself, and then report that message?
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Old Borc
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(04-Oct-2000 at 14:36)
pay for utopia

Dear Mehul! i play utopia for 6 rounds and i would pay $10 for each round to have less multi accounts in this game. instead of 40k players we probably we would have only 10k players paying 10$ each round. But 100.000 $ each round would give you the possibility to:
- better server connections
- less multies
- money to develop utopia more and more
- show all the world that utopia is worth to pay for it (i think it is!)

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(Posted as Tengu)
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(04-Oct-2000 at 21:48)

Paying and reporting, but the other way around ;)

I reported a multi to Mehul by e-mail the last war we were in, I don't remember the e-mail though it was given to me by a friend and only used once.

This resulted in the three of those with the highest NW in their kingdom was deleted. They had it coming since they dealt with both babysitting and multi:ing (and allies as well =/)... My friend told me that he found the e-mail somewhere in the Utopia Forum, under a 'multi'-thread of some kind. I hope you will be able to find it.

About paying... you would loose more than the multis if you have to pay for the game... I myself would start playing Ambar instead since I know one of the creators of it.
It would be problems sending in checks and everything. And new start of an age would take too long.
Just think about that we would need to send checks from all over the world to get to play the game...
Besides, many player are below 18 years of age, meaning they can't pay themselves, how many parents do you think would support their kids to spend more time on the Internet?
Then we have those who don't have that much money... you might be rich, but there's all kind of ppl playing the game, enjoying it because it's very fun to play and you don't have to pay anything to play it. Unlike many other games, like RPG's for example, cost a whole lot of money and you don't get to talk to as many ppl. This is a chance for those who aren't as lucky in the real world to show the world that they as well do exist and that they aren't any different from the rest.
Would YOU want to be the one discriminating these people?
It's sad to hear that you're not willing to share your fun with others.
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Old NaOH
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(04-Oct-2000 at 22:13)
Re: Obvious multi's

there should be about 70k accounts in utopia, both servers
i say about 20k to 30k are players. rest are multis. (just my estimate)
if, utopia was to be a pay game, i guarantee you 25k of those 30k currently playing will drop the game.
bye bye ... left only 5k players playing
what's the use?
besides, Mehul stated utopia will be a free game.
and i don't think the current standard and quality of utopia justifies paying. server problems, bugs, etc.
not worth it
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Old Fargoo
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(05-Oct-2000 at 05:27)
I got the power to delete multis/traders/babysitte

I attacked a Kaer (KLA) kingdom and failed my attack. I had done cb:s on the biggest ppl. I got a news list miles long from other Kaer kingdoms and when I looked at the kingdom I had attacked where 3 ppl deleted!!!
I think I used the new attack style: "kill all trader/multi accounts"
We send 30k knights but our army appears to have failed. We lost 2k knights and killed 4k enemy units. But however did we kill 3 multis/traders.
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(User is Banned)
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Donated $16.20
(05-Oct-2000 at 06:26)

Re: I got the power to delete multis/traders/babysitte

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Old Dan
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(05-Oct-2000 at 07:52)

I see this posted so often, so I'll just say what I think.

The game should remain free, but those willing to pay for it could by clicking a sortof donation button, and enter there credit card number, amount of $ (real) to donate, and there.

Do not forget guys, those little colorful banners are paying Mehul's bills, and that is why they are there.

But again, advertising is not something everybody likes, but we must live with it.

Hey, kinda like my news fridge, $2000 if you buy it 'unplugged' from the internet. $800 if you buy it with 'allways on' internet ready (some people actually think they GAIN for paying cheaper), yet the $800 you have to have ad's! 3AM you hear, GOOD MORNING FROM THE FIRDGE, HAVE YOU HAD YOUR MILK TODAY?!? Damn, I would shoot it!
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Old ruler brain
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(03-Nov-2000 at 11:08)
need the email to report multis

I have found a multi...same basic name, same race and aproximate size, and the same basic building strat...can someone post the email addy to email at swirve to report multis?
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