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(11-Jan-2002 at 03:04)

My current crappy/odd strat.(around 3500 acres)

1. Farms: (5.5%)
2. Mills: (20%)
3. Guilds: (15%)
4. Towers: (15%)
5. Watchtowers: (4.5%)
6. Schools: (40%)

Personality & Race: The Mystic, Faery
Population: 93,799 citizens (26.73 per Acre)
Peasants: 34,265 (100% Employed)
Jobs: 38,800 (101% Utilization, Ghost Workers/Mills)
Trade Balance: 3,963,057gc (0% tax rate)
Networth: 585,577 (166.88 per Acre)

Soldiers: 522 (46.8% estimated draft rate)
Swordsmen: 0
Magicians: 0
Beastmasters: 32,335 (97,005 offense / 194,010 def.)
War-Horses: 2 (up to 2 additional offense)

Total Defense points: 195,054 (55.59 per Acre)
Practical (100% elites): 195,054 (55.59 per Acre)

Thieves: 11,078 (3.16 per Acre / 100% Stealth)
Wizards: 15,599 (4.45 per Acre / 40% Mana)

Crystal-Ball on your province will show:
Max. Possible Thieves/Wizards: 29,394 (8.38 / Acre)
Estimated Thieves Number: 22,046 (6.28 per Acre)
Estimated Wizards Number: 6,981 (1.99 per Acre)

I love this part. It looks like I'm a deadly theif, so they don't try them on me, and when they try magic, I cream them

I'm not short, I'm....uh....I'M NOT SHORT!
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(Posted as lord sputtnick)
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(11-Jan-2002 at 16:00)

lol, I am way of you sic. but IF i fizzle 3-times on anyone that is Mystic and has a not that bad thief/mage-ratio I try AW. And simply try to kill that much wizzies that I don't fizzle anymore

Only n00b-thieves would act like you told they do.

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