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Posts: 1193/8415
(05-Nov-2000 at 10:31)

On Site Targets Finder - YES or NO?

Technically, it is possible. Ethically, it is illegal. This vote is to show me if a Targets Finder will be welcomed on Utopia Temple. The vote is anonymous, and you can express your verbal opinions below. Please keep it as informative as possible - no flames and such.

Would you like to have a Targets Finder on Utopia Temple?

Brother Green, Utopia Angel creator.
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Old Kokyo
Imported Post
(05-Nov-2000 at 10:52)

I think the way that votes are being handled is not good, i thik if you want to have a valid result you (moderator) should ask for usernames and passwords such that each utopian player can vote only once.
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Old 00 Myk 00
Imported Post
(05-Nov-2000 at 11:24)
Re: Votes

I think that it is not a bad thing to have a target finder on it.

Let's say that each server has 30,000 people (all of the people, divided in half). It is VERY hard to look through 30k people to find a decent target, so a target finder just makes your job easier, which is a good thing.
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Old 00 Myk 00
Imported Post
(05-Nov-2000 at 11:34)
Re: Votes

Hmmmm... So in a way that would kind of promote attacking, like Mehul wants.
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(Posted as jus)
Posts: 6/16
(05-Nov-2000 at 11:36)

Of course we want it

The tittle says it all. Would you mind adding it into utopia angel too?

My gunblade,
your sorry ass.
Any questions?
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Old Aridhol
Imported Post
(05-Nov-2000 at 12:28)
About the poll!

I think it is OK as is, this isn't a government vote for who will lead the country...
And I hope that everybody can refrain from multivoting...
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Old Albannach
Imported Post
(05-Nov-2000 at 16:24)
target finder

Of course we want the target finder back. We have been begging for it back since it was broken.
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Old A Friend
Imported Post
(05-Nov-2000 at 16:57)
Target finder = Cheater

When I read something like "of course we want the target finder back" I really get upset. You guys probably never played a game fair. Rules? Ah, The thingy that we break all the time, right?

One of Utopia's basics is to be better in target SPOTTING than others. You look at a kingdom list and try to interprete the things you see. If you use a program for that aspect of the game, you will probably be happy using a robot instead of playing yourself. That is really ill.

I guess the main problem of Utopia is the age of the players which has dropped rapidly during the ages. The concepts of honour and fair play are not well known to brains that are 12 or 14 years of age.
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Old J0n99
Imported Post
(05-Nov-2000 at 17:23)
target finder

I never use the Target Finder to search for a war target
ss I feel that it is unfair. Yeah i agree with some of you guy that it cheats. Instead I used them to search provinces that were using the same theme as mine. It is fun to know out there, there're many people who are using the same name as us and maybe we can ask them
to aly with us.
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Old SeekerOfTruth
Imported Post
(05-Nov-2000 at 17:49)
Great ;)

Roughly 75% "Yes"...only serves to validate my opinion that there is no decency in this game anymore. If you need a target finder, you'll most likely need someone to tie your shoelaces, too.
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Old Aggie of the Kaer
Imported Post
(05-Nov-2000 at 17:52)
Re: Great ;)

Yippie I just cast the 100th Vote!!!

And I don't think you should put it up, when 25% of the people voting don't want it, then I am guessing it shouldn't be up. Even though a majority do want it, It would be unfair to the players who don't. and 25% is a large amount.
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Old HomerAk
Imported Post
(05-Nov-2000 at 18:00)
I want to change my vote

after reading these other post I would like to change my vote. it tkes skill to win at this game and by adding the target finder it takes out the skill and it makes everyone more of a target. and all those who dont want to use it will soon be forced to use it so that they can play on the same level as everyone else.
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Old Lashiec
Imported Post
(05-Nov-2000 at 20:07)
The game becomes meaningless!

What will be left of the game if you remove the targetfinding part? Log in and post some replies in the forum? The game is turning into a chat damn it!

I say remove ALL programs so people have to work to get somewhere. Then all idiots will end up at the bottom of the rankings, just like it should be.
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Posts: 1/3
(05-Nov-2000 at 21:27)
People, people

Back in da old days, target searching were great, because you had the time to do it. Now a days, you have to spend that time planning your province economy. It sucks. Only explorers should bother about there economy, attackers should build however they wan't without thinking about strategy. Then target searching becomes much more fun!
On a note it could be said that back in da old days, there were often only one optimal building strategy. Which gave the attackers lot's of time to search targets. We also have the rising DPA factor.
My point is that as a attacker (later in the game), you have to search for targets for 1min up to 2 hours. And maybe you don't find anything or your stealth runs out (which it does damn quick). Then you have search 2 hours more later.
This is completly unacctable for us that studies, work, have a life or other free-time activity. It's all about time really.

And you can't call it cheating becuase everyone have acces 2 it (if you put it in the webpage as well).
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Posts: 1/3
(05-Nov-2000 at 22:03)

Yes! Give us a Target Finder! Could you give us something to help us keep more than one province, too? And maybe a tool to make feeding easier?
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Old Kharnath
Imported Post
(05-Nov-2000 at 23:54)
What the...?

You run out of stealth before you find the perfect target? You know why? Because you can't interpret the kingdom screen and are wasting precious stealth/mana on lousy targets.

And do you think it's unfair that you're not able to compete with other players that spends 4-5 hours a day on Utopia when you only spend 15 mins? I think it's VERY fair.

"Your Honour, I was only using illegal drugs because I wasn't as fast as the other guys...you know, they train every day! I don't have time to do that so you can't really blame me..."
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Old Pundonor
Imported Post
(06-Nov-2000 at 00:17)
No target finder for me ...

With kharnath all the way !

I voted : NO
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Old XmaGe UA
Imported Post
(06-Nov-2000 at 00:20)
Taret finders

Ppl should not be so lazy.
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Old Kenisaz
Imported Post
(06-Nov-2000 at 00:30)
Whiny Attackers...

...like Kimball have been getting thier way for the past 3 Ages. Attackers have become ridiculously overpowered (look at Avians), and now they whine because they might actually have to spend some time finding a target? Hell, why not make a target finder for thieves as well!? Scout out targets that are likely to have a really low TPA ratio and let me at them! Let us know which kingdoms would be good to go to war with solely for the purpose of thieving and gaining mass amounts of honor!

Hell no I don't want the target finder back. I never used it, and never will, because I actually take the time to learn to play the game within the rules set before me. Before Angel came along, I was doing the math myself!
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Posts: 1/4
(06-Nov-2000 at 01:22)

Target finder = bad thing
Need I say more ?
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