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(18-Jun-2012 at 20:49)

The Great Failure of Atheism

There is only one fact that atheists and people who believe in any kind of religion cannot deny. At one point in time humans did not exist and then humans came into existence, even the earth itself did not exist at one point. I will only discuss the creation of humans, i dont know exactly what athiests believe, but i assume they would say evolution or something like that, im not going to pose the question of how the first human was born, since we all start as babies who gave birth to him or how did the first human baby survive without its mother's milk, forget all that.

So atheists would attribute our creation to nature, from single cell organisms and from then step by step to more complicated creations. Okay thats fine, but lets examine how complicated humans are, we have a heart, we have lungs, we have a digestive system and many other organs each with a specific function so humans can survive. Explain to me how nature decided to create all these necessary organs, how did it know. does nature think? Did nature for example create a human without lungs and watched it suffocate to death and then add that function, does nature work through trial and error? These are just some of the questions i have, but this is not my biggest concern, im sure someone will find some scientific way to explain all this. There is one thing however that humans have that is not neccesary for survival however without it we would be extinct and there is no way nature or evolution or anything could assume we need it.

That my friends is eyes, sight is not needed for survival in any way it serves no function, there is no reason nature would give us sight. Single cell organisms, bacteria and so on do not have sight. In order for sight to exist there has to be some sort of intelligence/thinking i dont know but nature itself that would just create creatures to survive would only give them the neccesary functions. What purpose does sight serve? Absolutely nothing, however without it people would be walking off cliffs, nothing would be possible that would allow us to survive, early humans would not be able to hunt or do anything. Its very simple, if everyone went blind today the entire human race would become extinct in no time. So my athiest friends can you find any way to explain our ability to see and how vital it is for our survival yet how insignificant it actually really is if nature alone created us, there has to be a Creator that can think and know that we need sight to create tools, hunt/farm, build houses, avoid dangers and so on. Until someone can explain sight i cannot deny that there is at least a Creator that can think, as for religion well it could be up for debate.

Death Before Dishonour

When the righteous lose this battle, it is because they, in a wrongful society, exist as individuals whereas the materialists gang up. The Quran suggests the righteous get together and form an alliance against the wrongdoers.
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