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(26-Jan-2003 at 08:30)
question Why was I banned?

I did not sabotage the database
I onli send this information that was orded (maybe i accidently sent something twice when i did then sorry!!!!!!!!)
I want ny account back, I do not want to do new one.
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Old Dym
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(26-Jan-2003 at 08:35)

I've been banned from the targets finder. I kept sending the results from a spy on military (or it might have been a crystal ball, I'm not sure.) I did not know I had not copied the kingdom information. It was an accident.
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(Posted as Chaos X)
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(26-Jan-2003 at 09:26)

click the kingdom link, insert he island numbers it want you to copy, and copy the kingdom and paste it into target finder
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(26-Jan-2003 at 09:26)
Wrongfully Banned

I was retrieving kingdom page information for credits for the Target Finder and I was asked to get the information for kingdom ##:## and I entered what was asked and it said I was trying to give wrong info and it banned me.

Please unban me.
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Posts: 169/557
(26-Jan-2003 at 09:38)


i have been banned from the targetfinder and i have no idea why. i have only entered the KD's asked for. the only explanation i have is that i logged in from a public computer the other day and needed some more credits from there. but i logged out afterwards and i entered all information asked

a friend is someone who will bail you out of jail...
a real good friend however is some one who is sitting next to you and saying"how the fuck did we end up here!"
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(26-Jan-2003 at 11:28)
Fix the Scripting of the targets finder!

I have noticed a LOT of complaints of beeing banned on accident recently. I am one of them for once. I use a new proxy each time I try to browse it now and I have been getting 3!!! proxies banned in 15 minutes.
What is wrong is this.
You copy and paste a certain xx:xx kingdoms page. The targetsfinder then reloads and asks for the SAME info as before. The same xx:xx. When you enter the info again it believes you have done something wrong thus bans you.
Get this fixed because it is really annoying.
And unban me please

Thanks a lot for the targetsfinder anyhow! Couldn't do without it when out of war
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(26-Jan-2003 at 12:12)
question Banned from TF

Just got banned from the target finder, no idea why. I clicked the send button once I'd copied and pasted, went to check email, nothing had happened so I clicked it again. normally if it had already sent it would just tell me the request had already been filled, so I've got no idea why I got banned. You can check my record, I've been playing for ages and using the TF for a long time without a problem.

EDIT: whoops, didn't read the forum introduction, my bad

Last edited by Dominus, 26-Jan-2003 at 12:15.
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(26-Jan-2003 at 15:20)
Re: I was Banned.

(Originally posted by Jikol)

I was banned when i got same kingdom to insert 2 times in a row. I just did a paste into that again and then i got banned.
Please let me back so i can use the credits from the 14 inserted kingdoms i posted
I am still banned. How long will it take for BT to read throw the forum and unbann us ?
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(Posted as illuvata)
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(26-Jan-2003 at 15:35)
hey naz, trying to raise your post count?

Siniz, since you say you have done the same thing three times, why didn't you just mark the kingdom as empty, and do the next one?
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(Post has been warned)
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(26-Jan-2003 at 15:45)
STFU! Be grateful that BG even MADE the target finder so that lazy people like you don't have to search manually...

Programs sometimes have bugs, ok, there's no way to avoid that!

There's also a 'Kingdom' button in Utopia itself, and when you click that you can see other KDs and PVs aswell and find a fat target for your 6k harpies YOURSELF... asshole.
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(26-Jan-2003 at 17:45)


This unpleasant problem is hopefully fixed. 212 users have been unbanned. I apologize for the inconvenience it has caused. Feel free to start new threads if you're banned again.

Brother Green, Utopia Angel creator.
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