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Old muncher
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(09-Nov-2000 at 15:58)
oh, and BTW

I'd love to hear any comments on my above post. ICQ me at 51661950 and tell me what you think. <img src=http://www.ezboard.com/intl/aenglish/images/emoticons/embarassed.gif ALT=""> )
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Old Slicer
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(09-Nov-2000 at 22:17)
Yes or No

I say NO NO NO NO NO to the targetfinder and regard it as cheating.

But..... also think about the Formatter and the Military Calculator for a minute.... isn't that cheating to? They prevent mistakes and save time too!

But..... I voted YES because it could save me 1 to 2 hours a day searching manually ;-)

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Old Shaido
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(10-Nov-2000 at 00:26)

I think that we should see the target finder more like some sort of spies institute, i mean as a monarch i would hire guys to find decent targets instead of waisting that little time i am allowed on the internet searching for targets.


I voted yes and stick to that opinion cause i don't think this is cheating, see it as a help.

"Sir we lost the battle, but they played unfair"

"And why is that private?"

"They used
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Old Shaido
Imported Post
(10-Nov-2000 at 00:31)

"They used a search engine to find our kingdom, instead of finding us by searching trough all those kingdoms making the chance to be picked out 1 on 10000"

"Then what was the chance to be picked out with the engine?"

"Well.... lets see 10000 kingdoms were found and we are one so thats 1 on 10000.... erm... "

The fact that your kingdom is selected is pure (bad) luck
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Posts: 4/37
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(10-Nov-2000 at 06:39)
thanx, muncher

Your post wasn't bad at all either... I think you made a good point.
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Old Loten
Imported Post
(10-Nov-2000 at 06:47)
I see...

And if you, say, were hit badly, would you like to be gangbanged by province after province just because you hit a slump? The game would be almost cutthroat.
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Old Loten
Imported Post
(10-Nov-2000 at 06:49)
I see...target finder...

And if you, say, were hit badly, would you like to be gangbanged by province after province just because you hit a slump? The game would be almost cutthroat.
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Old todd
Imported Post
(10-Nov-2000 at 10:30)
re targeting

I think that while the targeter would be useful, (to some players) it would only make the gap between, experienced, developed provinces and newbie, underdeveloped provinces even greater.

The only people that would suffer are the weak, which would mean mainly the newbies. I think that it is better to enhance the enjoyment of ALL players by giving the newbies a chance. Otherwise they might just give up and we would all lose out. If there is no one to play against, there is no game. If there are no players then there will be no advertisers and therefore no site also. (I know that is looking at the far end of the spectrum but I hope you get my point.)

I know that any half-experienced player can do exactly what the targeter would do. Just by looking at the kingdom page and then some judicious use of a CB spell.

But people like myself, who are relative newbies, don't have that skill (yet) so a targeter would just create more in fighting against small provinces, by small provinces, or a simple way for large provinces to eliminate large numbers of small provinces.

So Id have to say that because of game balance. Im against it. And while even a small percentage of players are against it, in the spirit of fairness and gamesmanship it shouldn't be implemented.


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Old boule
Imported Post
(10-Nov-2000 at 13:22)
experienced players dont really need the finder

ya as i said experienced guys dont really need it. they can c if a target is a good one just by looking at the kingdom screen and how can you expect players to get better by spoon feeling them all the time. half the fun is in finding a nice juicy target by yourself. if targets keep falling at your feet wont it be just logging in , calculating the attack and clicking the attack button!!!

the experienced players should be at the top of the food chain. and let those weaker players start working hard to climb up. with all the formatters and tools, theres no brain involved at all anymore. everyone is equal. and theres no incentive to get better as everythings there for you.

its like a sniper . he doesnt need a scope to shoot well. but you provide the scope to the sniper and the lousy shooter . and both shoots well. that would be unfair as the sniper trained like hell to get where he was. but with the new tool, anyone can be close to his equal.

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Posts: 1/1
(10-Nov-2000 at 15:42)
what about this?

if you all say that it is a lazy way to find targets then lets just get rid of all cb formatters and everything like that. if you complain about being tooo lazy on finding targets i'm sure that you wouldn't be lazy enough to sort out the cbs you get in a war and post them in your kingdom forums. huh?
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Old habatull
Imported Post
(10-Nov-2000 at 19:16)
A newbies opinion.

I think that a target finder is the worst thing that could happen.
If you wanna be a good player youve to invest time to search for a good target and not just click on the target finder and pronto, there it is.
Yes, youre right. It takes some time to spot a great target, but isnt it that this is one thing that makes utopia worth playing?

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Old EVIL RedFox
Imported Post
(10-Nov-2000 at 19:19)
damn you're stupid =)

greedy pls give me a break

using CB-formatters is not even 1/100 as easy as using target finders

after all you USE the formatters AFTER you already spend time searching for your own targets

the formatter is like 1/10 of the job

target finder is more 9/10 of the job

Again pls get ur newbie head out of your behind and think

This target finder is completely unfair for the ones not using it

if there is a list of targets avalaible it should be done by your own kingdom
not by random ppl who make cb's and use this formatter

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Old vander
Imported Post
(10-Nov-2000 at 22:35)
Target Finder

Rules are put in place to make the game worth playing. Anybody can cheat. But skill levels vary, and that is where the real challenge, and therefore fun, is at.

I don't think a target finder is a good idea. I also think that a vote is not the way to decide this. The majority is often wrong, and when it is wrong and also rules, then all mayhem is the result.

Please be reasonable. Utilities are one thing, but a cheating tool is totally different.
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Old walnutz
Imported Post
(10-Nov-2000 at 23:32)
Re: target finder

Bro Green first let me say that your program is tops bottom line. now about the target finder how about putting a disable feature on it so if people don't want to use it they can disable it. these people aren't thinking I bet 99% of them use utopia angel and I am one of them. so they need to get off their high horse about cheating, if they feel that the target finder is cheating then they don't need to be using utopia angel. Anyway Bro Green bring back the target finder.
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Old dravana
Imported Post
(10-Nov-2000 at 23:34)
target finder

:evil: i think that the target finder can be a good thing and a bad thing
I am an attacker and sometimes i dont have the time to search for targets because i have too much homework etc.
but i would prefere the good old searching for targets manually otherwise it takes the fun out of the game!!!

maby you could limit the no. of times it can be used a month or somehing

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Old Aggie of the Kaer
Imported Post
(11-Nov-2000 at 05:29)
Re: target finder

Excuse me mister walnutz, but it is widley excepted that Formatters are NOT considered cheating, neither are calculators, but when it comes to Target finders, yes that is. with the other things, the user still has to supply the data, with a target finder, they are just given prime targets, back in the day of the Daily Attacker, people found on that list were utterly destroyed in only a few hours.

I use, Utopia Angel, most people do. A Target Finder is where Brother Green should Draw the line.
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Old LeVin
Imported Post
(11-Nov-2000 at 05:34)
I totally agree

As kisaz said, it actually is cheating, and personally I'm not much good at figuring out who to attack, but I know people who really understand this game, calculate the numbers themselves and all, and they are the ones who should be in the top 100.
But, on the other hand, if you want realism, take a look at modern warfare. A long time ago you had poor weapons and even worse intelligence, and look at the world now, everyone is "cheating". They're arming themselves with atomic missiles and really huge ships. War has transformed and ceased to be as it is.
I do not know if that is what will happen with Utopia, but it is interesting to considder.
And I do believe a little chaos would be fun, even though many people would not agree with me. And most of them don't have a life...
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Old Thats a naughty Mr Frog
Imported Post
(11-Nov-2000 at 07:06)
Oh ah yay!

Nothing wrong with a target finder! As long as theres something on there that doesnt list ppl who've been attacked recently, because thats just unfair 2 have your name on a list where everyone can see it! go go for the target finder, coz you know id find the good targets anyway, just it would save me about 30 minutes!
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Old muncher
Imported Post
(11-Nov-2000 at 07:49)
to all you who say its cheating/unfair

Please read my post at the bottom of page four. I find it hard for almost anyone to disagree with the claims I've made. Target seaching through KD screens is no reason to be big. Its not what a top player shoudl get credit for.
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Old ScorpTor
Imported Post
(11-Nov-2000 at 08:38)
why no target finder?

Because this game is supposed to simulate a mythical land of Orcs Elfs worriers thieves dragons and more. They don't have computer or automatic devices to find a target. You have to be in a spirit of the game. Do a survey, send a message to your friends ask for a target. It is more fun as the way it is. I love a change. Change is good, but if it will decrease fun of this game I don't want a target finder.
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