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(23-Jun-2006 at 22:04)

[2005] Walk the Line

Genre: Biography, Drama, Music, Romance

Director: James Mangold

Plot: A chronicle of country music legend Johnny Cash's life, from his early days on an Arkansas cotton farm to his rise to fame with Sun Records in Memphis, where he recorded alongside Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins.

Joaquin Phoenix .... Johnny Cash
Reese Witherspoon .... June Carter
Ginnifer Goodwin .... Vivian Cash
Robert Patrick .... Ray Cash
Dallas Roberts .... Sam Phillips
Dan John Miller .... Luther Perkins
Larry Bagby .... Marshall Grant
Shelby Lynne .... Carrie Cash
Tyler Hilton .... Elvis Presley
Waylon Payne .... Jerry Lee Lewis (as Waylon Malloy Payne)
Shooter Jennings .... Waylon Jennings
Sandra Ellis Lafferty .... Maybelle Carter
Dan Beene .... Ezra Carter
Clay Steakley .... W.S. 'Fluke' Holland
Johnathan Rice .... Roy Orbison

IMDB link:
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(23-Jun-2006 at 23:17)
I really liked this movie, I knew nothing about Johnny Cash and I never really knew his songs. I enjoyed Joaquin Phoenix's performance, it was excellent. The movie is really about the relationship between Johnny and June, and the music was excellent. I would give this movie a 9/10.
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(Posted as Para Bl0k)
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(26-Jun-2006 at 13:34)
I didn't know much about Johny Cash either when I saw this, tho I knew some of his music.. but never really liked it. This movie didn't make me like his music more, but I did very much enjoy this movie. His life makes a very interesting story, and the acting was great. 8/10

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(30-Oct-2006 at 15:56)

Finally watched this movie and really enjoyed it. Joaquin Phoenix and especially Reese Witherspoon were phenomenal. Who knew they could sing!

I believe she won the Oscar for that performance, and she deserved it. Until seeing this movie I just thought she was hot. Now I know she obviously has talent to go along with the looks.

This movie reconnected my brain to some long ago memories I had completely forgotten about. Late 70's / early 80's pre-cable days at my grandmother's house actually watching The Johnny Cash Show ... likely re-runs. I'm surprised there's not a cable channel that shows all those old variety shows (like TV Land). The Carol Burnett show and stuff like that...

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(30-Oct-2006 at 21:23)

This is a very, very good movie, with outstanding performances from both Phoenix and Witherspoon. Perhaps especially Phoenix, who is so in character that it's almost scary. Knowing that his older brother died from drug abuse, seeing Phoenix do the 'drug scenes' with such vigour almost brings a tear to my eye.

I could go on for quite some time, but I'll go straight for the rating. A 9.5/10, but that's only because I never give 10/10 to any movie. so this is as good as it gets

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(15-Nov-2006 at 22:06)

Both me (a novice Cash fan) and me wife (who's not really into the music but doesn't dislike it) loved it. Great great movie

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(Posted as Uzgadra)
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(15-Nov-2006 at 22:24)

Same here both my wife and I enjoyed it so much we actually brought the DVD am trying to persaude her to a pick up truck and a dog named blue

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(17-Nov-2006 at 08:09)
This film was viewed with great expectations (based upon previous professional reviews) but it failed to meet them. Phoenix's performance doesn't equate to Jamie Foxx's performance in Ray, but it is great nonetheless. The actors themselves give great performances (especially Reece Witherspoon). However, the script is so-so at best. I found the story formulaic and trite. Overall, it is an okay movie. 3/5
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(07-Dec-2006 at 07:43)
amazing movie, love the cash man
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