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(12-Jun-2002 at 19:24)

exclamation mark Grabs based on NW?

I know that this could stir up a lot of controversy (probably against me), but I would like to propose a new system of land grabs.

Instead of being based on land (because it's the skilled, courageous, or peaceful players who usually end up with a lot of land), it could be based on relative networth. It's cowardly for a 200,000 NW province to attack one with 110,000, even if their land is the same.

In the case of a traditional march (and conquest would work similarly too), the networth of the attacker and defender would be compared to each other. Based on the ratio, the attacker would receive a percentage of the defender's land. For example, if the net worths were even, the successful attack would grab 10% of the defender's land. Of course, if the defending province had forts or was hit recently, the amount would be reduced. If the attacker's NW was higher, the amount grabbed could be solved by logarithm. At 50% times as high as the defender, the amount grabbed would be halved. At 100% higher, it would be divided by 4. At 150% higher, it would be divided by 8, and so on. This should reduce the effectiveness of attacking someone who has earned lots of land but is still much weaker than the attacker.

If the attacker's net worth is smaller, then the amount grabbed would be figured out by what is basically the same logarithm in reverse. At half the attacker's NW, the land grabbed would be 50% higher (for a total of 150% of the land that would be grabbed if the defender's NW was equal to the attacker's). At one quarter of the defender's NW, the land grabbed would be 100% higher. At one eighth of the defender's NW, the land grabbed would be 150% higher, and so on. This should effctively reduce the benefits of a small province continuously pestering someone with their troops out.

Maybe honor could also be found in a similar manner. Anyhow, I think that this change could make Utopia a more fun, balanced, and fair place.
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