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(09-Feb-2013 at 23:32)
Our sin debt has been settled

The great secret that was revealed to Paul is a gift of grace, a free gift. In Godís sight our sin debt has been settled, we stand in righteousness before him right now. He sees us seated with Christ in heaven, we are right now the praise of the glory of his grace throughout eternity. It follows logically that this secret must not be read into the four Gospels or into the book of Revelation.

Paulís insistence upon the reality of our union with Christ, as having died and risen again in him. The Apostle unfolds to us, we died with Christ, our standing being complete and perfect in Christ, we cannot grow in this standing. We may grow in the knowledge, experience, and enjoyment of it, our life is the outcome of our belief.

If we are ignorant of this free gift, we are easy prey for every minister of righteousness who may rise up. Nothing more is needed to be added, their is not a ordinance on the face of the earth that can make us complete. We donít need to pass a satisfactory examination, or take another class, we stand in righteousness before God right now.

Thanks for any insight about this free gift.
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(13-Feb-2013 at 12:12)

Re: Our sin debt has been settled

Our sin debt has not been settled, people who were alive during the time of Jesus and those who died before that time, yeah their sin debt has been settled.

I doubt Jesus would be willing to settle our sin debt again, we've done some extremely fucked up shit since Jesus, a lot of it was done in Jesus' name oddly enough.

Death Before Dishonour

When the righteous lose this battle, it is because they, in a wrongful society, exist as individuals whereas the materialists gang up. The Quran suggests the righteous get together and form an alliance against the wrongdoers.
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(16-Feb-2013 at 00:26)

Stop spamming the internet with this crazy crap. The shit you're doing is honestly worse than premarital sex between fictional ancestors who existed "six thousand" years ago.

If all else fails, call someone a troll.
that can be fixed... / ∆
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(Posted as Black Aurora)
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(16-Feb-2013 at 22:57)



oh, hey... stomach gas!

I can't see it.... but I know it's there!

Can I worship it?

*proceeds to drink beer in worship of the stomach gas*
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(18-Feb-2013 at 17:36)

So glad I'm not Christian...

})i({~flutterby~ })i({

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(03-Mar-2013 at 21:59)

Technically if a person accepts the gift of forgiveness then their sins are forgiven. However the behaviour of the person will change and reflect Christ. So true belief is not void of action but the action comes from the faith and thus shows acceptance of the gift. Not to say, a gift once accepted can not be rejected as that is another point of argument.

Furthermore to post your original post is here is but flame bait. Words mean little, actions speak volumes. Live your life how you believe and share but don't just toss out religious thought to the masses who do not have a relationship with you or may not even know what you are saying. And, what you are saying is vague enough to inspire both heretics and perhaps a few Calvinists

Honour, Courage, Integrity,
these are not just words,
they are a way of life
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