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(17-Jun-2002 at 23:16)

Restricting Elite Production and Maintinance

Elites are really powerful units that put the others to shame. To top it off, the other units in most cases are no better, they only just cost less. This has been the base of my strategy, make alot of money and make nothin but elites.

Why not change this?

Elites could be restricted to some combination between barracks and forts. After all, they are elite and don't want to hang out with special forces or lowly soldiers. And they need someplace to train so they keep thier offense/defense skills as amazingly high as they do.

Another element to add to this is unit type shifting. If you provide little room for your army to train, their skills will deteriorate and revert to basic soldiers. If you have too much area for training, some forces might turn themselves into special forces or elites. With an excess of barracks and forts, there could be a greater chance that the population would want to join the army, regardles of whether you have reached your military perctage quota or not.

Here is what I am thinking:

100 - 500 elites per fort and/or barracks

<<uhh it just started thunderstorming, I will finish this later>>

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(18-Jun-2002 at 02:03)


:\ now you've just made avians more powerful

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