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Utopian History

Lord Skeletor
New Member Jun 5th ##:## PM

The History of Utopia Ages 1-3By ArchfiendSince the beginning of Utopian time....Man, Elf, Orc, Faery, Dwarf, and later even the mysterious Halfling, Avian, and Undead races have striven for greatness. Banding together in kingdoms and making bloody war...through death, ruin, and the fires of Hell they strove to carve out their empires. Among them there were those that rose above the masses. Rivers of blood flowed in their wakes. Their names became synonymous with carnage and destruction. Their provinces and kingdoms grew to become immense, their enemies and allies legion, and their names...Legend. These are the chronicles of their deeds and their times.....

The Betas: "The Dawn of Time"

Ah so it begins...early on Utopia was relatively small but rapidly growing. Early on there were as little as 5k players playing the game with hundreds of new players joining almost daily. The races were wildly out of balance. Dwarves had 7 generals. Faeries were beyond horrible. There was an early bug that allowed millions of soliders and aid to be given to another province. One of the earliest betas had to be restarted because there were people over 100k NW when the rest of the top 10 was at 18k The military had a readiness rating and it cost money to send out troops. Most of the betas were very short until.....

"The Long Beta"

The long beta before Utopia's first age began was a wild ride. There were many obvious multis in this age. Recluce, Soap, Land, and WAR DOGS among others made dozens of accounts naming them with similar names.


SNAP was at the apex of it's power during this age. SNAP is / was a vile alliance / group of multis that would force kingdoms to vote them in as regent and rename the kingdom things like "Snap sux donkeys". They terrorized kingdoms before the institution of diminished returns because a province could be killed with 12 or 13 hits. If the first SNAP province got through, then the 2nd would send enough and, then then third, etc. Whole kingdoms were decimated by SNAP and SNAP had provinces in the top 50 on their islands as well as in the top 50 kingdoms in the world. Arising to fight them were several alliances, including Archfiend's Rogue Alliance which was formed by a large group of players from another game called the Rogue Market. After a largely successful campaign to destroy another SNAP wannabe called WAR DOGS (another player with dozens of accounts he used to attack with) the Rogue Alliance along with several other small, informal alliances set their sights on SNAP around mid-game. They contacted SNAP kingdoms and offered to help over throw SNAP, attacked the biggest SNAP provinces and generally made bloody war on SNAP. By the end of the game, SNAP was decimated and nearly destroyed.

"The Rest of the Long Beta"

Utopia's most well known player at this time is Anti (**Who it looks like ironically had numerous multis that were the core of SNAP**). He has 7 highly ranked orc accounts. The debate rages on whether this is cheating or not because Anti created the accounts before multiple accounts were prohibited (although he did use them after they were banned). He is considered the ultimate authority on the game. Dio is also a famous player because of his top 10 finish with a Faery province (Faeries were so unbalanced this was considered an amazing feat). Utopia's #1 player is Morphy's Ghost. The Top 50 is dominated by Dwarves and Orcs early on....there is a short respite before the game begins with...

"The Last Beta"

This beta was quite short with the top players barely breaking a thousand acres before the game was started. This age was notable because the top player was "The White Knight". He grew unbelievably fast and had several "family members" who played from his computer and also seemed to be very good players. All this will become more relevant later on...

Utopia's First Age: "The Golden Age of Utopia"

There was no diminishing returns so land grabbing was easy. For example Archfiend's Orc province "The Slathering Horde" finished around 463-0 (you got a win for every successful attack in those days.) Most players were offense heavy, defense was light (100k points of D was considered extremely high), and few people understood the potential of thieves and wizards. The game was much faster paced than it is now and there were numerous large wars over land grabs.

"Notable Bugs"

However, there were a couple of serious bugs early on that effected gameplay. The zero offense bug made people fail who attacked someone with no defense (landfarms at the beginning of the game). There was also an attack bug that allowed people with very minimal offenses to penetrate provinces with huge amounts of defense (for example, I know of a case where someone with 8k points of D got land grabbed by someone who sent 450 points of offense). Fortunately, these bugs were soon corrected.

"The Alliances"

"BA is Formed"

The Barduvian alliance first became known in this age. An orc called Sauron's Pets was sending out messages to other top Orc provinces asking them to join his "Secret Orc" alliance.


Mosaic (which later became Magma started in this age). Sigmeund Freud of the Primal Horde started Mosaic when he got heavily into the role playing and political side of the game. He asked his kingdom to attack island 13 kingdoms (because they were unlucky island 13) and decimate them, often forcing them to add Mosaic to their names or be destroyed. Mosaic added converts and began a massive propaganda campaign to hide who started Mosaic and to further the goals of the alliance. Ironically the founder of Mosaic's kingdom (##:##) was also the starting point of Utopia's first world war (which oddly enough was completely unrelated to the start of Mosaic.)

"The Other Alliances of Note"

Keiran's AUK was another powerhouse alliance in this age. They claimed over 625 members and were at the height of their power. Bladewind founds UDNO (the alliance Helena would later make famous) this round as well.


The alliance that caused the largest sensation in this age however was Feuer. Founded by Anti, Feuer (The German word for fire) was founded to be a new type of alliance that was dedicated only to protecting it's members from other alliances and multis. Things took a bad turn however when Anti's province was attacked by Miltant Orgy (Sudden Death). Militant Orgy was added and then dropped from a Feuer Death List. Soon thereafter, Bugoo, Crimson Death and the rest of the island 1 alliance jumped in. Anti's province was destroyed, The White Knight was deleted by Utopia, and Feuer's other big name member Morphy's Ghost deleted his own province. Soon after Anti's province was destroyed Feuer disengrated. Anti and Militant Orgy (who also had his province destroyed) then fought a famous duel. Both built newbie provinces and fought 1 on 1. Anti Spanked Mo mainly by using thievery (a forerunner of things to come in Utopia's future).

"The Island Wars"

This round was marked by 3 significant island vs. island wars. "WW1" and "WW2" literally had more than a thousand provinces involved. In the case of WW2, over 2k provinces were involved in the fighting.

"Regent Flame"

Very early on one Regent Flame declared that he intended to unite island 2 under his control and then methodically destroy the other islands 1 at a time. Apparently he began organzing this and actually got a few kingdoms to join with him. Much to his dismay the rest of island 2 (as well as the rest of the world) took great offense at his plan and launched a massive military strike at him. Soon thereafter, he perished and became basically a running joke on the Utopia forums.

"World War 1"

The first major war of the Utopian age was island 1 vs. island 7. Island 1 was an unstoppable juggernaut, the most powerful island in the world by far. It was loaded with top players. This island allied under the rulership of one Crimson Death, the regent of the Iron Curtain (the #1 kingdom in the world). A kingdom on island 7 (##:## which is where Mosaic began incidentally) was getting land grabbed by a member of the Iron Curtain (Garroting Deep and/or King Amy). Garroting Deep continually attacked an inactive member ##:##. A member of ##:## retailiated for the attacks with an attack of his own. The Iron Curtain attacked the attacker from ##:##. A second attack came from that lone member on ##:## was made on the Iron Curtain. The Iron Curtain's response was to attempt to kill that province and eventually to kill ##:## when they fought back. A war began and ##:## quickly found themselves outgunned. The Iron Curtain was easily triple their size. ##:## then called in some of the members of Mosaic and Iron Curtain called in the rest of the insanely powerful island 1 alliance. ##:## was quickly decimated and the island 1 alliance moved on to attack another notable island 7 player, Tuylean Gaylen's kingdom. At that point the #15 player in the world, Archfiend jumped into the fray. He built 250 shipyards to make sure that he could keep attacking until he died and starting hitting The Iron Curtan at least twice a day until the conflict was concluded. He also started pulling in other kingdoms to join the war and debating Crimson Death on the Utopian Forums. The war spilled out onto the Utopian forums where Crimson Death's policy of killing anyone who hit his kingdom twice was vigorously debated. The war was heating up fast. Another 1/2 dozen kingdoms agreed to join the war against island 1 and Crimson Death agreed to make peace with every kingdom except Tuylean Gaylean's. Another round of attacks brought the land Archfiend took out of the Iron Curtain up1k out his of 3k acres. The Iron Curtain was rapidly falling down the top 50 list from #1 in the world to almost out of the top 50. Plus, the most devastating array of thief and magic attacks in the history of Utopia was launched against Crimson Death (he had so many thief and mage attacks against him that he couldn't open his news, It literally crashed his browser every time he tried). That convinced Crimson Death to make peace at last. The war was generally considered to be a victory for island 1 since they decimated 1 entire kingdom and crippled two others.

"World War 2"

The second world war was more of a planned afair. Acoma managed to unite islands 4 and 5 and decided to declare war on the second most powerful island in the world, Island 2. They mounted an offensive but island 2 almost immediately retaliated (w/ some help from there allies on island 1). Islands 4 and 5 were hit with the most withering large scale attack in the history of Utopia. Acoma was obliterated. Island 4 and 5 were beaten into submission within a couple of days time and were very quick to try for a truce with island 2.

"The Rest of the Age"

Dwarves rampaged out to a huge lead on all the top boards. Silverhall topped the leaderboards early on with a staggering lead over all over provinces. About Mid-game Silverhall and Realm of Death (there was great debate on whether they were friends or multis) both dropped there land and became became two of the first real moster thief provinces. There actions would inspire large numbers of others in later ages.

By the end of the round, Dwarves no longer dominated the leaderboards. However Dwarves were still neutered by Utopia even though they no longer dominated the top 50 and Faeries remained untouched although they were climbing rapidly up the ranks at the end of the game. Newbie bashing is the hot issue on the forums and the term "Newbie Ghetto" is first coined by Taurus. Large powerful Kingdoms take small newbie kingdoms under their protection. For example the newbie kingdom might be named "under the protection of xx:x x" The most famous of the newbie protectors is Calliane (AKA Black Sun, AKA Callista). She and an unknown player called "Mr. Anon" wage a long verbal war over the ethics of newbie bashing on the Utopia forums. Because of all the newbie bashing, diminishing returns is instituted next round. Quantum (Malachi) finishes the game as the #1 player and United Britania (Hydra) is the first place kingdom.

Utopia's Second Age: "The Rise and Fall of CQ "

Diminishing returns begins this age greatly reducing newbie bashing. The average player discovers defense for the first time and finding land grabs becomes tough. The early rounds of the game were most notable for horrible server lag that at times made it difficult to get in the game. Two of Utopia's most famous Web Pages are founded in this Age (Anti's and Archfiends).


"The Barduvian Alliance is Formed"

BA grows to become Utopia's second most powerful alliance. At the start of the age they were probably the most well known alliance as well. They get into a war with the Iron Curtain and Crimson Death. This time Crimson Death is no longer on island 1 and no longer has a powerful alliance backing him up. Crimson Death dies but Saurons Pets (the leader of BA) follows soon afterwards.

"Other Alliances of Note"

Warlord forms Gemini and recruits player on the forums. Mosaic changes their ways and their name and becomes Magma. Auk splits up and slowly but steadily loses power.

"The CQ Alliance"

The CQ (named after ICQ) rises to power. A group of top players who originally formed in order to protect themselves from alliances and multis gains steam. A number of well known players including Calliane (Callista AKA Black Sun), Kanga, Savannah, and Larroke were prominent members. CQ was an immense and incredibly powerful alliance. They had a large number of top players and top kingdoms. CQ started tagging their kingdoms and soon was as large as AUK in their heyday.

But ugly rumors of gang bangs and CQ attacking other players simply to elevate the rank of other CQ members began to become prominent. Numerous CQ members alternately denied these rumors were true or arrogantly challenged the Utopian populace to do something about it on the Utopian forums. CQ was generally considered invincible because of there large number of powerful members.

CQ's downfall began with one lone "anon" province. Every day a province called "anon" would go to the Utopian forums and copy and paste the houses he burned of CQ members. He struck indiscrimanantly arsoning anyone in CQ and then posting the results in the Utopian forums. A great debate sprang up on the ethics of CQ and many others starting following "anon's" lead. Soon military attacks followed. By the end of the round CQ was in full fledged retreat. Many prominent players and kingdoms were saying that they quit CQ and that "CQ was dead". Soon thereafter, CQ was heard from no more.

"The Big Wars"

"Hydra vs. Drunken Monkey Clan"

The #3 Kingdom in the world, the Drunken Monkey Clan (members included Archfiend, Linda, and Heavy Orc) spent the last 3 days of the game in a war with the legendary Kingdom Hydra (#1 in the game 1st and 2nd round).

Basically a player from The Drunken Monkey Clan who many people on both kingdoms now believe to be a multi and /or friend of Savannah (from the #2 kingdom the Porsta Rogues / United Provinces CQ) managed to start the war by attacking Hydra while claiming to the Drunken Monkey Clan that his attacks were in retalition for thieving attacks by Hydra on him (which apparently wasn't true).

In the end a bloody 3 day war was fought until the end of the round. But it made little difference in the standings (The Drunken Monkey Clan dropped from #2 to #3 while throwing some attacks Porsta Rogues way just to make sure they didn't make #1 in the world).

"Swift Justice vs. Unifed Front"

Two other top 5 kingdoms, Swift Justice CQ and Unified Front also fought a war. Quantum who was a member of Swift Justice, organized a gang bang on a member of Unified Front coincidentally right after Unified Front passed them in the rankings (moving up from #5 to #4).

Quantum found a member of United Front who was relatively large but had light defense. He passed that information out to numerous people on his ICQ list and encouraged them to attack. They did and the province was hit several times allowing Swift Justice moved back up to the #4 slot. Unified Front got word of this and was outraged. A war began. At first both sides called in allies but then agreed to ask their allies not to participate. The war raged for a few days and Swift Justice asked that the was be ended. Unified Front moved back into the #4 position, this time for the rest of the round.

"Larroke vs. The Multis"

Probably the longest full scale war in Utopian history occurred this round. Larroke had a friend named Dolsi killed by what he and most other players considered a group of obvious multis (a person / group that had warred with an alliance called Clan Plaid who came from Myth 2 in the previous round). This group of multis included two top 50 provinces and had around 12 total provinces that worked in concert. The multi (who was rumored to be the White Knight) had thief specialists, Magic specialists, and lots of military accounts. They would all attack in unison with devastating effect.

Larroke who had an ICQ list which he said was over 400 members in size and also got some help from an alliance called TGA after the multis killed their leader Prevailor. Larroke called in favors left and right and an extensive war was fought both in Utopia and on the boards. It dragged on for almost a month with multi accounts and other players fighting them both dying in the effort.

Eventually the forces on Larrokes side reached critical mass and along with some well timed Deletions from Echelon, they managed to finish off the multis..

"The Rest of the Age"

Faeries totally dominate the Top 50 this round. The forums are full of people saying that they have to be downgraded (and they are significantly downgraded for Utopia's third age). Kanga (Land of the Lions) was the games #1 player by a lot and Hydra (United Britania) finishes first yet again.

Utopia's Third Age: "The Age of the Thief"

The Halfling and Avian races are added this round. Amazingly enough all the races seem to be fairly well balanced except for Avians. An early bug allows one regent to send out 12 dragons all aimed at different BA kingdoms. The dragons and the regent that sent them are deleted by Echelon after a couple of days. Ironically, the kingdoms are grouped by the amount of players that chose to stay in each kingdom. So most of top kingdoms that had 24 or 25 players want to stay were grouped on islands 22 and 23 much to the rest of the world's chagrin. Mad John Finn's Wife (The Mercy Seat) of The Rogue Alliance (Archfiends old alliance) forms a NAP (non-agression pact) and unites (for the most part) what may be the two most powerful islands in Utopia's history.


An alliance called Gemini starts to become well known. It is an "offensive" alliance that makes no bones about it's willingness to gang attack it's opponents. Once again the ugly rumors start that gemini is crushing kingdoms and forcing them to join Gemini or die. Utopian provinces rose up from all the globe (as well as another old alliance, UDNO) to crush Gemini to earth.

"The BA Alliance"

BA reaches the pinnacle of it's power becoming almost as powerful as the CQ alliance was. Learning lessons from the fall of CQ, BA becomes much less agressive than the last round. However, thief provinces still rise up and burn down BA provinces. The Anti-BA alliance arises to fight BA. Once again Crimson Death and BA get into it and once again Crimson Death and Saurons Pets are destroyed. BA basically goes defunct after the 3rd age because it has so much hard core opposition.

"The Hacks"

Two hacks were perperated in this age. The first was a Java hack that released all of provinces troops and razed all their buildings if you went to a certain Utopia website with your Utopian cookie still active. This hack got numerous players including Larroke.

Later in the round another web page URL was sent out that read the username and password off of the cookie in a player's C drive and gave a hacker access to the accounts. The hacker then went in and changed the passwords and released the troops of several well known players including Jambodia.

Scripts also make there first appearance to the general population. A script basically checks through the kingdom pages looking for land fat targets or targets that have not logged on in a few days (by comparing them over a few days time). A debate rages on the Utopian forums about how ethical scripts are. The debate is ended when Mehul declares in an interview on Archfiend's web site that scripts will be "cause for deletion next round".

"The Rest of the Age"

Bugoo openly admits that he will make a lot of multi accounts and burn down every alliance member he can find. He is almost universally scorned and his accounts are deleted soon after the game begins by Echelon.

Calliane (AKA Callista AKA Black Sun) becomes a thief province who continuously burns down the homes of the top 10 players. Because of diminishing returns and because the top provinces cannot hope to match his thief ratio, he and others like him make the Top 100 into a joke. Top provinces actually stop taking on land and give away huge amounts of aid in order to keep their rank from increasing and possibly making themselves a better target for arson. Kanga (Telanaroid) is burned out of first place. Soon thereafter, Twinklespring is burned for 82 million GC worth of homes.

The debate rages on the Utopian forums about the balance of the game and the role of thief provinces. Meanwhile provinces all over Utopia are being arsoned into oblivion.

Archfiend declares on the Utopia forums that next round he will form a thief guild that will stop anyone from reaching a million GC NW the next round unless the rules are changed. However the rules are changed significantly and Archfiend does not follow through on his threat.

Anti's Website goes down the Tubes but Dio's page rises up in it's place. More websites than ever are founded as Utopia increases in popularity.

The round is notable for it's lack of war and for a general malaise that seems to be settling over the Utopian populace. Horde Devildog takes first place after his kingdom gives him millions in aid (some provinces rise as much as 1 million points of NW on the final day as whole provinces are liquidated and funneled into other top provinces in order to boost their rank. This makes the Top 100 even more meaningless than it was already with all the thievery.

Kanga's kingdom ( Great Southern Land ) beats out The Drunken Monkey Clan as the first placed kingdom in the world by 3 million GC. An announcement is made that the kingdoms will be split up for Utopia's 4th age saddening many kingdoms that had spent the last 3 ages together......

Age 4 - 9 is out!!! You can read "The History of Utopia 4 - 9" by Ironballs by clicking here.

Just as a reminder..This article like all the others on my page is copyrighted. Some Utopia pages in the past were given permission to use the old History of Utopia Ages 1-3 on their websites. However, they do not have permission to use the current updated version. Just making sure this is clear. Thanks..AF

The History of Utopia Ages 4 - 9
By Ironballs
Come, sit for I have a tale to tell a tale of epic proportions. It spans many lifetimes and sees the many deep changes to the world we know. Another told the first part of this tale but now I am the sage recording the passing of time. Sit and hear my tale, the tale of heroes and villains, a tale of those who fought and those who fell but most of all its your tale. From the beginning of time we came, living many different lives over the ages. Pulling together to form great Kingdoms, Empires and Alliances. We called down the wrath of the heavens on those that opposed us and drank to the unforgettable deeds of our friends and allies. Yet after three full ages a great cataclysm befell the world, changing it beyond what we had come to imagine. Kingdoms were shattered and friends ripped apart in the ensuing anger of the creator. The great sage Archfiend who first chronicled the history left utopia and passed on the task of recording these great feats of Man, Elf, Orc, Undead, Faery, Halfling, Dwarf and Avian to me...

The Fourth Age of Utopia

A great cataclysm hit the world of utopia reshaping the lands and scattering provinces into the wind. Kingdoms were destroyed but new ones grew to take their place. It was in this round that many new superkingdoms were created, one of these kingdoms being Shadowlight one of the longest surviving kingdoms. All seemed to be going well but four weeks into the round there was a mass deletion of around 3k players.

The round started with Byakko/Sairou Empire outplaying all the other fea folk. Faerys were the race to be this round and this was the first round I played (like a week). This was also the round of utopia's only copyright argument, it was between Borc/cyberspy (now gameatlas) and Archfiend and Larroke. Borc at the time a newbie decided that the utopian pages of the time were okay but if they pulled their content would be much better he says he only did this for personnel use but eventually the site got out through a kingdom mate of his. He without permission had taken articles from other pages. These included many articles from Archfiends utopian page and he also put Larroke's utopian calculator. Both Larroke and Archfiend asked for these items to be removed and they were not. Borc had to move his site from Angelfire as they threatened to kick him off if he did not remove the items. Larroke had to change his page so it was not possible to steal his calculator. Borc also annoyed many people by putting up a list of peoples icq numbers he had not asked permission to use. The argument ended eventually but there were some huge forum debates and Borc's province was gangbanged in game.

The round included several kingdom wars. One of these was a war between Daggerfall (Callista's/B1acksun kingdom) and Symmetry (the kingdom of Ravenent, Koth/mike and The WANG). Daggerfall was top on the island with symmetry second, symmetry felt Daggerfall were picking on kingdoms on the island unfairly and so rolled up their sleves and declared on Daggerfall. Both kingdoms were eventually knocked out of the top 50 and dropped to third and forth on the island. The war was ended and some members of the opposing kingdoms even became friends after the war. With the great shuffle many top players came to meet many of the others. One night Toffe/sauron’s pets and Flogger met but did not it seems get on to well. That same night Napa grabbed Toffe, he assumed it was Flogger's fault so he had him peasant napped to death. Thus a violent war began between 666 and Toffe's boys. There was a pk attempt on Napa and Toffe was grabbed down to 3k acres.

Byakko sitting in first place had an agreement with Gifted Guild who was second that they would not hit each other (not uncommon these days), but Gifted broke the agreement and took 2k of Byakko's 6k acres off him. While being a very nice grab it was probably the wrong thing to do as ten days latter Gifted was dead after a pk attempt, gangbang and a rather large hit from Byakko on him. Byakko also had his moment with Callista too this round. After Byakko grabbed Callista, Callista got annoyed and called in help from his personal thief network and Warbringer (forest of Avalon). To counter this Byakko drummed up support from the strategists of utopia, Kanga being his main supporter. Things got pretty out of hand and Byakko lost his top spot.

The round ended with blood on the ground and everyone settling into their new kingdoms. The most used phrase this round was " I should be regent, I was a 3 mil net province last round, honest ". There had been many arguments, fights and full out wars but utopia had survived..... The top kingdom was Land down under (Kanga’s kingdom) and orbidian finished as the top province at 4.8 mil.

The Fifth Age (The First Feeders)

This was the first round to see the use of feeding as a tactic, although not as advanced as the Hellswarn strat (more on that latter). One of the first to do this was a self-confessed utopia addict Prozak (Homicidal tendencies). He released his defense and was grabbed down to 37 acres, but a few weeks latter he surged back to the top 100 on just 2-3k acres. Unfortunately he died when he was unable to log on to release soldiers to replace his fleeting population, but this set the stand for many future feeders......

The round also had an early reset. The game had to be reset some time before time had actually started and if you had not already claimed your province then it got deleted. I lost my province and had to start in a new kingdom and I am sure one or two other players had to as well.

The round also saw Shadowlight (who were an all avian kingdom) and paradox gauntlet (the kingdom of Flogger and Flip) run a twin kingdom scheme under the name "the plague", they were the first and second place kingdoms. They were closely followed by Corma the third and forth kingdoms and the kingdom of one Aquaseafoam. Flip was romping home, closely followed by flogger for most of the round. They did this by using a double hit system where one would hit a province then pass the regency to the other so they too could hit the province. It was all going to plan until sudden late burst by Aqua took him past both Flip and Flogger in the individual rankings. There was a debate as to whether he had received an unfair amount of aid from his kingdom or not. Flogger decided he had and so after Aqua went off line one night he got in contact with as many thieves as he could. That night the thieves went to work, and they did their work well for when Aqua logged-in in the morning he found his peasants were gone.


Hits rained in on Flogger and Flip. None of the attackers planned to break the defense of the number one and two but were meant to bring it down so others could. Finally Floggers 25k acre faery was broken and he lost 4k acres in one hit! Unfortunately the multiple regent system was the downfall of the kingdom as Darksky took the regency and declared on the Corma boys, so they could smash Paradox and take their round. Flip was first to be crushed under the weight of the onslaught, which was the ultimate definition of gangbanging. Flogger was battered down to little to no land and left to set up what must surely be one of the best known kingdoms there ever was. This was one of the most talked about events in utopian history and there were arguments over whether Aqua was killed for good reasons or just personnel lust for glory.

In the kingdom of Symmetry all was not well. Koth the regent had to leave and the vise regent stepped in to take his place but Ravenent disagreed with the choice, as he was the largest in the kingdom and therefore felt he should be the regent. Unfortunately the kingdom disagreed and so Ravenent organized over 100 attacks a day on the vice regent. All these attacks came from provinces call Ravens storm or Ravens eye etc... They were said to all be Ravenent's multies and a long and very bloody war ensued with DA WANG calling in allies to help his kingdom. They finally killed Ravenent and their vise regent somehow survived. Ravenent left and returned near the end of the round when he messaged all the top 100 players offering them the chance to join him in a new superkingdom and HaLL began to take shape. At the end of the round the players who were interested joined up with Ravenent and they went on to form HaLL.

Alliances The age began with rhomours running riot in the forums that this was going to be the last round for UDNO. There were anonymous rumours of gangbangs and the like. Internally UDNO was in no better shape with their number one secure forums being hacked. And then came the thing that all alliances dread two kingdoms in the same alliance going to war with each other. The incident did not improve the internal situation. UDNO regents got targets for grabs over icq from people they barely knew and when their stuff was out they were pummeled. Then came the rhomur of an AV/UDNO war.... Kadagar claimed in the forums that it was not going to happen.

A week later the party was as they say well and truly on. The situation escalated after a break down in communications, which meant there was no turning back. This was do or die. Horus, Beowulf and then Tripp were all AV targets. UDNO concentrated on taking down Garden of Rasta who they claimed to be Kadagars second province. A propaganda war broke out in the forums, which was quickly clamped down on by the Mods (go Mods !). More alliances joined the fight with xXx and GSA rushing to the aid of UDNO and AA joining forces with AV. After the garden of Rasta was ravaged UDNO moved onto Zilmes kingdom... eventually a cease-fire was called both sides claiming to have won but when the dust settled UDNO was in bad shape and fell apart after Helena left. AV survived but both sides had suffered injury and loss of pride.

Demo squad was the largest province this round and Shadowlight finished as the top kingdom.

The Sixth Age of Utopia (Relentless Armies)

In this age there was only one kingdom, Relentless Armies. They were set up by Flogger, he used his old kingdom as a base on which to form his superkingdom. They from the beginning stretched out a huge lead in both networth and fame. We all marveled at their pace and skill (which later found was partly down to a target finding script). We knew it was going to take something really special to take them off their pedestal. The first to try to take them on was animal farm. They were the kingdom of Kadagar and as far as I know the only top 50 kingdom with out one or more traded player(s). One of the provinces in the kingdom White dove rumored to belong to a Swede dying of cancer flew up the top 100; he was flying because of aid from his kingdom. A big forum debate ensued with a large argument over what was going on. Animal farm reps told us that White dove was dying of cancer and that his last wish was to be number one in utopia. Many utopians believed this. Now enter stage center one Chai Gaviani, he and a group of friends numbering about 30 felt that White dove was a threat to them and their provinces because it had become so over grown due to feeding. So they took it upon themselves to kill the province. At the first attempt all their stealth was used up but white dove still survived with a few peasants keeping it alive. Though starving and severally crippled Chai and friends were not done with White dove, a second attempt a few hours later brought the peasant count lower still. Finally a third attempt some time in the early morning brought White doves peasant count to zero and as the server updated the number one province was dead. This was one of the last major peasant killings as in latter rounds in became impossible to kill someone with just thieves alone. It was latter revealed that this was not a sick, dying Swede but Kad himself. Although he says he did not start the rumors he did nothing to stop them.

This was the age of the negative networth bug. Over the space of the age a few (three or four) provinces appeared with negative networth. You may wonder why this was a problem but when people attacked them or sent thief ops they had negative losses so they gained troops. Some people were very quick to take advantage of this and flew up the leader boards. Luckily Mehul jumped in straight away and sorted out the bug and deleted all provinces that had run ops or attacked the provinces in question. We never really found out what caused a province to go into negative networth but it hasn't happened again since round 6. Many people who were just interested were deleted but so were a lot of hard core cheaters. By the time the third negative networth province turned up we all knew to leave well alone.

There was really one major alliance war this round and the way it began is still shrouded in fog and political intrigue. This is of course the war between KLA and AA/UTS. AA and UTS had just signed an alliance, which was supposed to bring the two alliances together when a war broke out between AA and KLA. AA accused KLA of gangbanging one of its members (Malice) and KLA accussed AA of gangbanging one of its members. Soon after a declaration of war was made and as they had agreed in the terms of their alliance UTS joined in AA's fight. The regent of Kaer Loche (the KLA's original kingdom) and the regent of Kaer rose (the largest KLA kingdom) were made the main AA/UTS targets in a war that was bloody yet brief. When peace was finally settled on a number of things came to light. First was a theory that the war had been set up by an out side party(s). Just before the beginning of the war AV and Jesters Troupe/Phased Avalon got in to one. Several AIS members where in Jesters Troupe and fearing that AV would bring in AA to help them they engineered a war between KLA and AA. This was never proved but it was known that AIS members had helped KLA politically during the war. The second revelation came from a number of ex AA top members. After leaving the alliance they claimed Methos (AA's leader) had asked them to invent evidence of KLA gangbangs on AA members. Again this was never proved but left many wondering what this war had been about and what had utopia become?

This was also the round of the HaLL Vs House war. House was an alliance of several top kingdoms including suck players as Toffe, Jack, Prozak and Savannah. In the top kingdoms as we have seen there is always little room for maneuver and with these alliances covering many of the top kingdoms if was only a matter of time before they came to blows. House were checking out HaLL and they did not like what they saw, they claimed that HaLL had many multies and were even a little fed. Savannah was then hit by HaLL and war broke out. Toffe was one of the first to be hit as both sides went in for gangbanging approaches. Jack also gained HaLL attention, House returning the favour on Ravenant and several other HaLL members. The war ended with both sides having been hit hard. It looked like it was a best a draw but House claimed they had a moral victory. HaLL had the last laugh with Ravenant being helped back up the top lists.

The kingdoms With the end of the round near relentless armies were well in the lead. They did go on to finish first but a number of things happened to darken their round. Aquaseafoam second in control of Absalom was still sour from his province being violently attacked at the end of the last round and so felt it was time for revenge. Absalom had Chai organized the killing of Southern armies, one of the largest provinces in the kingdom. Southern died (due to a pk reminiscent of that on White dove) and the rest of the armies’ provinces went into protection fearing for their own safety. It seemed rather ironic to me that the largest kingdom ever, so feared for its self that all the provinces spent the last 24hrs of the round in protection so they could not be attacked. Flogger went to the forums to announce he had quit utopia and made a scathing speech about how the top kingdoms cheated using scripts to find targets for them (which went along way to explain the massive amount of fame the armies had amassed).

Not only did this end the utopian career of Flogger (for a time anyway) but it Amos ripped one of the top alliances 666 in half. Southern armies was one of the leaders of 666 along with Flogger and it turned out that Chai a well known 666 member had lead the attack. What made it even worse was that Southern was Tom/Crazy Dwarf a very good friend of Napa who started 666. What arguments went on were kept behind closed doors and 666 did survive but a number of member did leave. After the beginning of the next round many Absalom members were multi razed out of protection in retaliation for there attack on southern.

Relentless Armies surprised no-one by finishing top and Hellswarm was the number one province with 11mil net to his name (this is where the Hellswarm strat comes from, receiving aid in return for organizing so that there is a five minute gap where all your defense is out so your kingdom mates can take land from you in return for their aid). Skies of Absalom would have finished the number one kingdom for land had it not been for last day suicides. Faerys and Halflings had been the race to be, but next round all were saying how a dwarf would rock yet it was orcs or at least one group of orcs that took utopia by storm.

The Seventh Age (The Age of the Trollz)

One of the biggest changes implemented in a while was that this round gains were based on land not networth and all races but Undead were stripped of the legendary spell tree of gold.

When the age began suddenly from know on to the top lists came a group called FREE. Know one had heard of them before yet they flew into the top three individual spots and their flagship kingdom ##:##. But it didn't take long for the romours to start to surface, farming forcing kingdoms to join them and they had many scripted Faerys. They had many provinces all controlled by the same few individuals. All of utopia was up in arms at such blatant cheating and disregard for all other utopians. People began banding together, there were forums and I remember some nameless guy trying to take control and organize things (this didn't impress anyone) but finally 666 set a date for the beginning of a full war on them but they were beaten to it. Yep they were beaten by the hand of Mehul, all the provinces in ##:## were deleted except for Archavian (who lived out most of the round feeding off all the newbies in his kingdom, I remember various attempts to have him killed by lesser utopian groups). They were deleted and utopia rejoiced we never saw them again though I have seen a few people turn up claiming to be from that group. This was one of the ugliest events in the history of utopia and one, which I think Mehul would care to forget.....

Along standing fude began between HaLL and Absalom this round when the two alliances got into one of the most violent wars I have seen. It all started after Drac had his kingdom declare on an Absalom kingdom and gave them a rather hefty kicking; one side called in allies then the other. The situation just spiraled up and up It was claimed that multies were used on both sides and the system of close friendships that survives between most of the top kingdoms and players was tested to the limits as many had friends on both sides of the war. There was a large argument between two good friends MoDo and Chai. Chai was an Absalom member and one of MoDo's long standing allies, but MoDo had an account in a HaLL kingdom. Things went sour as MoDo choose to fight for HaLL, this lead to a very public fight between the two with each threatening to kill the other. This was a sad day for utopia as two good friends were at odds over an alliance war. HaLL finally backed down after a lack of support form its allies but the hostile feelings always remained between HaLL and Absalom members even after Absalom disbanded at the end of the round. MoDo and Chai for the record became friends again

A new powerhouse alliance is set up by Malice including many of the top names such as the duke, Bliss, Koal, Leshrak, TeZu, Wonko. They had a number of members who had a strong dislike for AA. Then Malice had to leave utopia for some time and left the duke in charge. Methos hates the duke and the feeling I am told is mutual so both EoS and AA diplomats went in to over drive trying to keep the peace and some EoS members were kicked out for taking part in GBs on AA members. When Methos' location became common knowledge many found it hard to resist helping out but many EoS members genuinely had no ill intent to AA. The peace was kept but utopia sat with baited breath watching for a war, which surely must come.

Things became worse when JRRT, an alliance of the two top kingdoms, MorDor and Angbang was declared upon by AA. AA claimed that JRRT had broken their NAP on numerous occasions and JRRT turned round and asked what NAP they had broken because they felt they had no NAP with AA. The war was a slaughter as many of JRRT's powerful allies were in EoS who . EoS stayed neutral and had to watch their friends being slaughtered. A cease-fire was called on the conditions that MorDor let AA kill one of their provinces and that they rename "surrendered to AA". Well guess what the Trolls didn't care what kinda bashing they were gonna take but they sure weren't going to rename or give up one of their own so they put a new banner of an orcs head munching on the letters AA. The war continued and Toffe became the target of AA attacks; he did die but not at the hands of AA but at his over helpful kingdom mates sending him too many soldiers in aid. With the death of their illustrious they were finally banged and deleted all the way from number to well near the bottom of the top 50 (they lost seven players to deletions and their regent to banging but still finished ninth in the world). The war ended AA gained no face but the trolls died martyrs. Any alliance of well over 250 members can kill two kingdoms no matter how good they are.

When the round ended Cartoon networth were in the number one spot, Mask of Avalon ruling the individual throne. Arguably the best alliance of all time Ablsalom disbanded at the end of the round with many of their members joining EoS. The round ended and the age of the Trolls was over as was Utopia, as we know it. The game was for the first time split on to two servers. The battlefields server for the top 750 kingdoms and the "world" server for the rest.

The Eigth Age (The Second Cataclysm)

A second cataclysm hit the world of utopia this time it didn't scatter the land but ripped the world in two. With the end of the seventh age utopia was split and so on we went, friends were distanced but not forgotten.

With the beginning of the round came news that one of utopias oldest sons Flogger had returned and was going on to once again lead relentless armies. The rounds early leaders were this time Shadowlight one of the oldest top 50 kingdoms out there. EoS continued to grow as did the tensions between them and AA, but this was not the war, which EoS came nearest too. A few weeks into the round another newish alliance began having serious disagreements and did for an hour or so actually war. It seems that at the time AA were trying to build a triad with themselves UA and NI. EoS knowing the tense situation between themselves and AA saw this as a major threat as if they did go to war the enemy now had a much larger force. To try to stop this from happening it was rumored that EoS spies caused unrest in AA and so AA was forced into an internal vote on the matter. Duke NI an ultimatum join and face our military force. AA was trying to keep the deal quite but as tensions mounted it seemed that there was going to be an all out war. Then suddenly over night EoS disappeared. "The leadership had decided to go different ways" was the official quote, other sources claimed there had been an internal argument between two of the leaders the duke and TeZu. Duke left utopia a week latter when his father died. After the dust settled AA, UA and NI announced their new triad AIA. Everything seemed to be going fine.

A suicider (something not uncommon now) started the first major war of the round. A member of the previous rounds number one kingdom hit in Jesters Troupe, there was a little aggression between the two kingdom and it was decided that Scooby (the guy who hit Jesters troupe) should suicide, now who did he pick but Ravenant the leader of HaLL to hit. Not unsuprisingly Ravenant was more then a little peeved at having his round ruined so early on. After the regent of Cartoon decided to take some of Scooby's new land Ravenant thought it best that they pay for there mistakes and so set the four HaLL kingdoms on them. Feeling this was a tad unfair the kingdom of Angband good friends of Cartoon decided to jump in and help their friends. After a long and bloody war in which Darklove was killed, as were a few Cartoon/Angband members.

Just when HaLL thought it was out of the woods in jumped a new alliance ES (led by TeZu and containing several ex-Absalom members. It seemed they were still carrying a grudge that the disbanding Abslaom was not big enough to kill). Backed up by AV, Rohan and xXx they gave HaLL a serious beating after there four on two war this well and truly put the boot right on the other foot, and this foot was doing some serious kicking. An injured HaLL limped off to rest and recover.

On the world of utopia server a new alliance Honour and Justice (HaJ) had grown up and was looking pretty solid in the kingdom top 50. It was all going well until there was in internal problem as some of the members felt that the joint leader keyser soze was not pulling his weight and when confronted about it he killed the alliance. Things finally sorted themselves out though after a few members walked out and some where pushed but HaJ pulled through. Also on the world server another alliance WU was making waves, the wrong kind of waves. They managed to attract the attention of AA. AA pulled down the visor and charged into war, feeling they needed help, as they were not up to full strength on the world server they asked the members of the triad to help them. NI jumped into the fray helping their comrades but UA decided to "sit this one out”, as they had no quarrel with WU. AA and NI smashed the 20 kingdoms of WU and their leader Perez surrendered just before the end of the round. Although the war had been of little real interest it served to sow the seed of unrest amongst the triad members.

The kingdom race most people were concerned with was on the Battlefields server with the kingdom of Serenity and Friends getting out into first place. Shadowlight had pulled out a massive lead until hacks and gangbangings hit them hard. Serenity was now top followed by the old masters of Relentless Armies. Serenity was based on total kingdom unity and a no war policy, they in the past had been all halfling and all faerys kingdoms. Relentless armies declared war on Serenity, one of Senerity's members went down form 2.5 million to almost nothing and so deleted himself. While the war went on the third place kingdom Prismatic Warriors had drawn closer to RA and Serenity. Now either of three could have been number one, as they were so close. Serenity and Prismatic Warriors were both growing faster then RA when they were without war. RA missed out on declaring on Prismatic Warriors as they bought in war blockers before RA had a chance to declare (as they had told Serenity they would). At this point Serenity’s members had a council on how they would keep their top position until the end of the round. One idea was to war on Prismatic Warriors but this was unlikely to happen considering their peaceful background. The news of this got back to Phased Avalon, who was great allies with Prismatic Warriors and so he and Jesters, though smaller than Serenity, declared on them. When everything was done it was both RA and Serenity who had lost and had dropped to third and second respectively. Prismatic Warriors finished on number 1 position thanks to the help of Relentless Armies and Jesters Troupe declaring war, and the two friendly kingdoms who were willing to serve as war blockers for Prismatic Warriors. The top province on the server was a HaLL province Artic Wastelands who finished on a massive 21 mil networth. The second place was only 14 mil net and third was 7 mil net.

The world utopias other server also had its fair share events too that rounds. A new top kingdom Bad guys and stuff walked out top in the kingdom race beating Kaer Flagship by a horses whisker (and had a great war with them) but were only just over half the size of battlefields number one kingdom. A new alliance based solely on the world server HaJ warred on an alliance called FH who were looking allot similar to FREE of the past. Wish was hacked twice and both times his province was suicided on Bad guys. The top province was Fallen saga who finished at 11.7 mil net.

The Ninth Age (The Age of the Jesters)

The winds of time blow and the seasons change, a new age comes to utopia and again the kingdoms are shifted between two servers. When the round begins vast changes have befallen the races, their warriors now fight differently, avains begin to hunger for food not just blood and utilization begins to affect a province's output. All those kingdoms that had chosen to stay together are put on the world server and anyone who wanted to be shuffled into a new kingdom is placed on the battlefield server.

Jesters Troupe start with an early lead propelling them way beyond the reach of other kingdoms. Early on in the round a suicider hits AquaSeaFoam who is sitting in fourth place as his goodbye gesture to utopia. The suicider is then hit down a top 100 player Tredvolt who is a good friend. Aqua claims that Tredvolt and the suicider planned the entire thing to get Tredvolt more land, he also claims that the sucider is Tredvolts multi. Tredvolt denies these claims but evidence suggests that Tredvolt had prior knowledge to the attack. Aqua tells Tredvolt he can take the land back the easy way or the hard way, Tredvolt chooses the hard way. Both he and his kingdom receive a good kicking from Aqua and his friends until finally it is decided that revenge had been meted out.

Tredvolt returned latter on in the round to fly up the lists using a very unorthodox strategy. He was playing undead and so could not loose units from attacks. A kingdom mate would suicide on him then he would farm them out. He used this strategy to get up to no. 7 in the world. There was very little people could do to stop him as undead were pretty much invincible as you could not starve them as they did not need food and their units do not die so it was impossible to raze his defense down. Tredvolt was the first to explain what he was doing. He admitted he was farming his kingdom and said that they had agreed to consolidate all their acres under on person. Seeing as Tredvolt was pretty much invincible thanks to Mehul there was nothing anyone could do about it if they disagreed with his style of play.

As the world awakens a new force has infiltrated the lands of utopia. SCH an alliance lead by the duke is set up to bring its warriors glory in battle. It doesn't take long for relations between the duke and AA to break down. We all sit back and wait for another war between the duke and AA which surely must happen. SCH plan to get some of their kingdoms to war one on one with DoW kingdoms as practice for them. AA who were allies of DoW took offence at the idea and set in to protect their allies. SCH are much smaller then AA and due to bad organization and lack of participation were being slaughtered, this mattered not to AA who had only stepped in to protect a smaller alliance. Fedwin Morr one of the SCH leaders sent his user name and password to AA because he was so disgusted at the war; he felt that if AA wanted to win so much they could do what they wanted. When Fedwin tried to log in again his password had been changed, his troops released and his province farmed by AA accounts, this is one thing many people inside AA were not happy about. The war rages on with SCH loosing member quickly, in talks peace is finally agreed and soon after SCH falls apart as the duke leaves utopia. This event leads AA off on a blood march crushing all smaller alliances who stand in their way Pride, RAT and many other all fall to the on coming swarm of AA. Following the steps of UA, NI finally had enough of their allies and left AIA some time during the SCH war.

Later in the round the alliance of HaLL once again come into the limelight declaring on the kingdom of Discworld to help their allies EoS. The war is going the usual way until many Discworld provinces get a msg. from a HaLL province that HaLL wants peace and gives them a URL to go to. The URL leads them to a script written by MoDo (not being used by though in this instance) and it releases their defense. HaLL are accused of trying to hack the Discworld provs but it turns out that Joey's and the province that sent the msg. had also been hacked. By the time all this is revealed several other alliances have already joined the war and EoS had called a cease-fire. HaJ join in the war on the side of HaLL (mainly because Keyser Soze leads HJ and was a member of HaLL) and AV and AA (who had had an alliance with HaLL at the beginning of the round) jumped in to beat HaLL down. When AA declare HaLL loose all chance of receiving any further help from EoS their other ally as they are also allied to AA. HaLL is left weakened but continues to fight AA after they break a peace agreement, HaJ splits at the end of the round when their leader Keyser Soze leaves utopia and the Apocalypse marches on.

Latter on in the round AA were kicked out of the UDC for allegedly breaking many of its rules, these included recruiting in the UDC forums and hacking the province of the leader of the anti AA then releasing his units. Methos was quoted as saying "Bite me" and claiming that AA did not need the UDC at all as they were one of the most powerful forces in utopia. There is then an internal disagreement in the UDC over the decision to kick-out AA and then Trent the founder of the UDC closes it. Shortly after many UDC ex-members reform under the UDO (utopia diplomatic organization).

The round is also known for several buggy provinces one on battlefields at the start of the round the other on the world server. The province on the world server had its networth go crazy, it went from a large positive networth to negative networth then up to well over 2 billion networth. The province had negative units and was quickly land killed by utopians (it had less then 1k acres to start with). The round ended with Jesters Troupe walking from the start finishing on 35 million net, the top kingdom on battlefields was Nightmare Illusion with 15 million net. On the province side of things on the world server Ice Blended Drakes was top on 5.4 mil net and on Battle it was Titanium with 3.3 million networth.


Players may leave, alliances come and go, the world around us may change beyond all that we had imagined before, kingdoms may be scattered, wars may be won or lost but one thing remains constant; time will continue to flow, new ranks of players will rise and fall and Utopia will go on.

With special thanks to (in no particular order) Archfiend (ITS DONE NOW!), Friedrich, Flogger, KG1, Kadagar, John Finn's wife, Zuul, Janey, Prozak, MoDo (for putting up with my endless questions, complaints and general bad moods), Forgot DB, Da WANG (MoDo, Forgot and Da WANG were kind enough to proof read this for me), Fedwin Morr, Dana, Pleshi, Zihan (its all your fault), Munner and anyone else who helped by submitting information.

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Re: Utopian History

[email protected] =] At least give us a link when ya print it =]

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Re: Utopian History

Nice piece of work =) If only I had had the time to read it =P
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Re: Utopian History

i won't take my time reading tat... sorry.

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Re: Utopian History

Good god, I just wasted, what, half an hour of my time reading that? Mostly what I saw was AA, UU, ZZ WaF, and TaIG98AjgAS. Anyway, it was good and must have taken hella long time to type.
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haha, I got AA to go after them, my kingdom got hit along with some other kingdom 7th round. I took those "multiple hits" as evidence of jrrt gangbanging on AA and then AA went out and pasted them. not like I helped though. only got convient acres. hehe. Would not want to muss up my beautiful province.
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