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(17-Sep-2011 at 01:54)
Utopia Race/Personality

I think the old races/personalities should be brought back, it would improve the interest of gamers and would promote new players to join. Dark Elf was easily my favorite race to play besides Halfling, however, I was only able to play using the dark elf for one age before they removed. And the personalities that used to be used were great and gave players more of a variety to chose from, now most players use the same personalities making it dull, like t/m's use mystic or rogue, attackers use warrior, and that almost sums it all up lol. There's not enough options to switch it up to make game experience more enjoyable. Please bring back the old races and personalities!!!
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(01-Oct-2011 at 22:25)
Well, at least someone is still in this forum. I admit I'm not here much now.
On topic, it would make people happy to play their favourite races. On the other, it'll make it hopelessly confusing. Utopia's got to remain easy enough to pick up so new people can play, but be complicated enough so people stay.
Imo, the best solution is to make a new server so you can have servers for all types of players, but that's not going to happen.
I had more to say, but I forgot what it was.
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(Posted as Eldarad)
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(04-Oct-2011 at 01:15)

I remember being inordinately pleased at getting into the Top 100 Dwarves on WoL one age - if only because most attackers went Orc.

Not sure whether the variety requested by the OP really works anymore. When there's 150K players there is room for all kinds of race/personality types and all kinds of playstyles, when there is 7K players, not so much.

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(15-Oct-2011 at 03:47)

I'm happy with how they work with the races etc. I'm sure Dark Elf will be back again some day.
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(31-Jan-2012 at 00:04)

Dark Elf sounds like a new race to me.

Humans, Elves, Fairies, Avians, Orcs, Halflings, Dwarves, and Undead are the old races.

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