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Old Noffe
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(25-Nov-2000 at 04:45)
Kingdom page formatter

When I canīt use the downloaded formater I use the online one but they donīt work the same. One thing I miss is these things:

** Statistics **
Provinces in Kingdom: 25
Total Land: 12,844 Acres (Average: 514 Acres)
Total Networth: 1,879,756gc (Average: 75,190gc)
Average Networth per Acre: 146.35gc
Total Honor: 23,711 (Average: 94:
Dragon Cost: 2,819,634gc
Dragon Send Range: 1,503,805gc - 2,255,707gc
War Targets Minimum Networth: 1,503,805gc
War Victim Maximum Networth: 2,349,695gc

Please put them in.
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