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View Poll Results: How many news sites do you visit daily?
1-2 8 47.06%
3-5 7 41.18%
6-9 0 0%
10+ 2 11.76%
Who voted? Voters: 17
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Posts: 1242/1971
(13-Oct-2008 at 11:46)

How many news sites do you visit daily? ("All of them"?)

And what are they? Just curious.

I'm not usually big on news, but I thought lately maybe I should keep myself up to date. So over the past couple of days I've looked a bit at BBC, Reuters, The Economist, The Washington Post, and The Sydney Morning Herald. The latter is horseshit, but AFAIK it's the least bad Australian news source. If anyone thinks something else is better, I'll check it out

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Edit reason: Oh, and thanks to Lunor for the inspiration :b
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Posts: 2093/2297
(13-Oct-2008 at 12:20)

None actually (unless you count geenstijl as news, which I don't). I get my news from newspapers and from television-news. Well and a bit from the topics posted here at ut.

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Posts: 497/742
(13-Oct-2008 at 14:15)

I visit about 5 daily, especially lately with all the fun things going on worldwide. From most favorite to least favorite, something like:

NY Times
Foreign Affairs
Al Jazeera
Wallstreet Journal
Washington Post

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(13-Oct-2008 at 20:55)

1. Sydney Morning Herald. That's it. Daily Telegraph is shit.

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Posts: 1808/1958
(13-Oct-2008 at 21:00)

Just Geenstijl that could be labeled a news site. It has news in it

Well actually, it also links to a real-ish news site. So combining both news-ish things, I think you could say I visit 1 of them total.

I read newspapers and watch tv for my news (mostly the latter).


(Hey Hopey!)

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(Posted as Randomized)
Posts: 247/469
(14-Oct-2008 at 20:12)

I've read most of them, again, with a great appreciation for the press, for the media. I've read all of 'em, any of them that have been in front of me over all these years... I have a vast variety of sources where we get our news to... the Netherlands isn't a foreign country where it's kinda suggested it seems like... how, how can you stay in touch with the rest of the world maybe thinking and doing when you live out there in the Netherlands. Believe me the Netherlands is like a microcosm of the world.

But seriously:

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Posts: 5265/5486
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(15-Oct-2008 at 18:28)

Drudge is my homepage and any sight listed there is fair game.

If he has a direct link to an interesting story, I'll hit it regardless of the source. Lots of people do the same thing but just won't admit it.

I also regularly visit plenty of the media sites he has links to on the bottom left, as well as several favorite columnists bottom center.

Other than jump offs from the most excellent drudge page, I visit:

http://www.news-record.com -- leftist, but local
http://www.digtriad.com -- local, television affiliated so more current

and of course, every Thursday evening, over a pint, I read the print version of:

The Rhino

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Posts: 1894/1988
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(16-Oct-2008 at 09:06)

Depends on how loosely I define "news site." I visit CBC.ca and CNN.com every day, and those are indisputably new sites. But I also visit rasmussenreports.com as well as electoral-vote.com and fivethirtyeight.com so you could say I generally visit five websites every day.

I also read the local newspapers (both of them), and MacLeans, but that's not what the poll is about, so I answered 3-5 (I figure that at least one of the polling sites can be passed off as news, although not really).

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Posts: 1528/1633
(18-Oct-2008 at 09:48)


Mainly for the sports news and weather, don't watch TV news at all.

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(Posted as DeRnhelm)
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(18-Oct-2008 at 17:56)

2 national newspapers' online sites and one more local. I only visit them when I'm bored though.

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Posts: 248/293
(19-Oct-2008 at 01:10)

the reg

and i read lots of papers(dont stick to one, starts to distort moy view)

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