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(11-Dec-2004 at 15:58)
DIE has no honor? Should we form anti-DIE movement?

They hit us twice OOWs, messaged them during the first one, no reply. What kind of honorable people are DIE? Why should I care whether we should get involved with them.

* They like to hit diplomats
* They like to do OOWs
* DIE has no honor
* DIE likes to bully people too

I rest my case

Come on guys...shall we really start a ANTI-DIE movement.

* I am prepared to form a coalition of professionals, amateurs and casual players whom have been bullied by DIE's dishonorable acts

* Let's start by messaging all the kingdoms above 10 million. Maybe we can have 6-30 kingdoms at the end of the day
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Posts: 57/118
(11-Dec-2004 at 16:35)
Re: DIE has no honor? Should we form anti-DIE movement?

Of course if your a member of TA it's perfectly acceptable to be part of a coalition or alliance that doesn't follow TAs own codes of conduct so i'm sure you'll have no problem with that aspect, just call it a NAP that occasionally is a MAP and very rarely an alliance and all will be fine

Oh yeah and should any alliance involving itself in matters between two alliances(without being asked) expect to find itself on the receiving end of a coalition against dishonorable actions?
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