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(08-Jan-2004 at 03:55)

exclamation mark Chrisitanity is full of hypocritical statments and lies!


The bible states (in the 10 commandments) that "Thall shalt not kill". And yet look at the crusades. Look at the Salem Witch Trials (If I am not mistakes, which I know im not as I have studied the trials. The accusers AND judeges AND hangers, etc. were all christians.)

Again, using the "Thou shalt not kill" example. (1) Jesus was born a Jew, correct? And was it not the chrisitians (and muslims working together) that drove off the Jews? Was it not the christians that killed so many jews?

The bible is so-called written by god himself...what did he do? pick up a pencil and a few peices of paper thinking "Lets write a book today". No. The Bible states that Jesus heard the voice of god. The bible states Moses heard the voice of god. But who was around to verify this? They were always out in the middle of nowhere, with no one else around. How do the writter of the bible know this happened? How do they no Jesus didnt pick up a joint on his way home from picking berries, and got a little high? ( ) We dont know this. And what is your proof behind Adam and Eve? I have more proof I can fly than what's behind that.

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.: :. Lord Anubis .: :.
R.I.P. Kayla Renee Winterfeldt; born 28th of October 2004, died 28th of October 2004
I am for freedom of religion and against all maneuvers to bring about a legal ascendancy of one sect over another. ~ Thomas Jefferson

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