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Old VeX
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(19-Oct-2002 at 22:14)
lightbulb Simulator Update

I fell it is about time the Simulator is updated for age *18*. There has been many changes to Utopia, and will almost always be new changes to the game, so keeping the Simulator Up To Date will help everyone out. That is the reason why i fell that not many people use the Sim. Anymore.
plz fell free to comment on my idea.
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(21-Oct-2002 at 18:01)

i also agree that Utopia Simulator needs to be updated.

i myself would like to use it but it would be to no avail as it isnt up to date with age 18.

so it would be nice it it were. i think it would help out a lot of people, especially for peopel to develop new strategies for this new age.
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(09-Mar-2003 at 07:03)

I personally think it should be updated for age 19

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(Posted as Psychic Fiend)
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(18-Mar-2003 at 03:59)

Read any other post here and you will Koli explaining it. Aviad makes the online sim, and Aviad is too busy. You do the math. :P

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(Posted as Ethica)
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(23-Mar-2003 at 03:32)
Why use the sim when you can use Prophet?
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(25-Mar-2003 at 09:36)

i cant use prophet, thats the whole problem(mac)
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(Posted as Pinhead)
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(17-May-2003 at 07:22)


or if oyu are on a public computer at the time and cant download something, its nice to have something just on the internet. now i dont have that problem but im sure many do and so it would be nice to have it online and need to to download.

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(Posted as BONETHUG)
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(17-Jun-2003 at 05:13)
Ya update the simulator and prohpet
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