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Old Seifer7000
Imported Post
(03-Feb-2001 at 12:17)

I think Mehul should tell ya so you dont gotta do the work your self you are technically promoting his game!
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Posts: 1524/8415
(03-Feb-2001 at 13:27)

Re: hmm....

Mehul doesn't really like me right now.

Brother Green, Utopia Angel creator.
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Posts: 25/34
(03-Feb-2001 at 14:32)
Mehuls reason

Mehul said he did this so everyone starts on a level playing field. He didn't want the game to be a bunch of number crunching to plan your round but adapting to the new rules as the round goes on.
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Old Seifer7000
Imported Post
(03-Feb-2001 at 16:03)
Re: Mehuls reason

Just a question BG.... Why doesn't Mehul like you.

I hate Mehul myself!
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Posts: 14/296
(03-Feb-2001 at 16:07)
Re: Mehuls reason

I think it might have had something to do with 'ad-free' utopia... That was one of the reasons he banned all non-swirve login sites...
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Old Seifer7000
Imported Post
(04-Feb-2001 at 00:22)
Re: Mehuls reason

o......... i never used that ad-free log in.......... oh well i guess there is nothing we can do about it
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Old Sir Evil
Imported Post
(04-Feb-2001 at 05:21)
Re: Mehuls reason

mehul just doesn't like BG because he is a better gamer than mehul. =) mehul is a bit of an @$$. but changing the formulas only promotes number crunching.
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Posts: 9/24
(04-Feb-2001 at 05:32)
Re: Mehuls reason

well i can guess why mehul is mad at BG...

well you have a *great* site here, and you HAVE ALOT of people comeing here...i think the page veiws just toped like 3million...and if you ask some utopian if they know what utopiatemple is they say yah...ect

so, when you "promoted" the NIFU thing i think that it pissed mehul off a bit...turning his game into something that it shouldnt of...and the poeple that made scripted that would give to the land/food bonus when you loged in ect...that is why he did what he did(i guess)

so i dunno...just htought i would point this out...
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Old Master Victor
Imported Post
(04-Feb-2001 at 11:05)
Re: Mehuls reason

I wouldn't be surprised if Mehul got pissed of at BG for promoting Ad-Free utopia. I'd be immensly pissed off.

Although I'm sure BG didn't have any bad intentions, I still agree that Ad-Free is wrong, possibly illegal.

I don't know for sure though, and I'm not sure what this has to do with the research laboratory...

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Old Itty Bitty Faery
Imported Post
(04-Feb-2001 at 16:04)

i dont think its illegal really, its just an interface, just like having a skin for a media player or something
anyway i know y mehul is pi$$ed, he just can't keep up with us experianced players at all and he made the game,
hes got some wierd ideas too, like "reality" this is a war game and hes trying to make us adjust our economies more important than hitting some1, u want reality? reality means we'd go the entire damn round without hitting any1 just spying thieving and sending lots of meaningless messages to each other
if he screws up our economies next round will be the age of the exploring human, if this round isn't...
making us spend more time on trying to adjust our $ takes away from the general enjoyment of the game, he also complains about the number-crunching aspect, exaclty how the F*ck are we supposed to adjust our economies if we have no idea wtf eveything is worth?
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Posts: 5/10
(05-Feb-2001 at 04:35)

Missing the point

I think your missing the point here. He wants everyone to be like a newbie, I'll build a bit of this, a bit of that and see what works.

I haven't really noticed any differences that makes any effect at all.
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