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(07-Sep-2004 at 12:39)

greatness, a pilgramage, and the daily lives of mehums


the greatest touch a man may know is the caress of a woman who loves him.

the greatest fragrance one may smell is the fragrance of a bloomed rose.

the greatest flavour a man may taste is that of pure water.

the greatest sight a man may see is the sunset across an ocean.

the greatest sound a man may hear is the sound of ten thousand leaves rustling in the breeze.

the greatest knowledge a man may possess is the depth of his own ignorance.

thus spake horab fibslager, the brown sage.

the pilgrim asked: is isn't it true most sages wear brown?
horab: yeah i've heard that.
the pilgrim: then why call yourself the brown sage?
horab: idunno, because i liek the colour i guess.
the pilgrim: so you titled yourself after your favourite colour?
horab: no my favourite colour is green.
the pilgrim then became cconfused and angry in his confusion.
and the brown sage did smacketh him in the arm, but not hard enough to injure.
the pilgrim: ouch! what the fuck was that for asshole?
horab: i dunno, seemed liek a good idea tthe time.
and thus the pilgrim did shake his head in bewilderment.

men struggled and women bent, and so did the peoples of the earth ebb and flow, in love and violence.


the five experiences
1: some may argue it is the carressing of a woman. others may argue it is nought of women at all, but perhaps of silk undergarments or some other contrivance. i disagree. sexuality is sexuality, but as far as i can see, there seems to be some mimickry involved, on both or all parties' behalf. nto that i care anyway.

2:it may be easy to disagree this one out of prejudicial preference. oen may have a favoruite flower or rose, or amy prefer the smell of food or the woods ro the city as it were. regardless i entice you to pick a rose bloomed and take a good whiff. chances are you'll thank me for it(unless of coruse you're allergic to that sort of thing, in which cse pity be upon you and your house).

3: once when i was mad i meditated stonedly and with the empty mind upon a glass of water. i then deciding to drawing the water i meditated upon it further as i painted upon the canvas of my notebook. in tasting the water a thought arose out of the void to describe the taste of the water. what is the taste of water? what does it taste like.
when attempting to answer the question of the greatest flavour, i could not decide, my midn skittering from pizza to sweets to sours to salt to beer, but i could not comprehend it until i recalled the happenstance of the paragraph above.

4:i debated between this and dawn and the naked woman, tho i reckoned the thought of a naked woman is often more beautiful than the sight of it, notwithstanding. the reason i chose this over dawn is because as i understand it, if you look at teh right angle at the right moment or somesuch watching a sunset of the ocean a flash of brilliant green will be seen. oh yeah you have to be on a western coast as well.

5: the sound of wind is wonderful don't you think?

6: had been reflecting on this as i had been lookign at funny intelligence tests this evening. i've always found inteligence to be a curious thing, perhaps in part because of my own prodigcal chidlhood, or perhaps because of tom hanks' portrayal of forest gump in teh movie of the same name. irregardless, if i recall correctly from my researches on the matters, ignorance is an improtant aspect or thing or soemthing in a great many eastern schools.

a confused pilgramage
it seemed liek a good idea at the time.

of men and women
whiel it's soemthing i've considered before, perhaps not so gender specifically, the books i've been reading lately(the wheel of time), suggests that it is the masculine nature to struggle with reality, and the feminine nature to embrace it. unlike say gender related behaviour being one gender not necessarily lacking or there being a total absence of aspects of teh other gender, (ie a man can learn to sew or dance liek a woman, can enjoy things that might be generally associated as feminine, and vice versa, woman can learn to paly football or become a mechanic, or enjoy thign sthat would be generally considered masculine), women cannot know nor understand the struggle of men, as men cannot know or understand the surrender of women. unto the same and different, and eprtainign to that famous among occultists and magickians, "when the male becomes female and the female becomes male, may ye enter the kingdom of heaven", however in a possibly more catalystic manner.

thus spake I.
i found this soemwhere, like it, and wanted to know what others thought of it.

soem of it sounds kind of bigotist, but i think i understand what the author is trying to say.

if you can't read my post then don't.
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