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(28-Sep-2005 at 11:07)
Thread of Mehul's other comments

Aside from the interviews UT keeps, Mehul I recall has through the ages posted and/or replied various comments on certain issues about Utopia in the Swirve forums.

the ones I am looking for are Mehul's "official" comments/justifications for networth based gains and why he doesn't believe in forced surrenders (These two I'm certain he posted about at one stage) as well as a reply he had about why he won't implement Random Kingdom Numbering.

If you've saved a copy, you can pm me or you ca just post here.

Anyways I think having those threads about will do some good as it'll stop those suggestions about Forced surrender, (especially force surrender), RKN and compliant about the nw based gains system, once people know that Mehul himself won';t budge from these changes.
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Posts: 304/454
(28-Sep-2005 at 22:22)
a copy of mehul flaming users would be nice too:=)

I especially remember one, where someone was unhappy with ads and said they was annoying, which was followed by a flame by mehul himself, funny as hell
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(Posted as acadian9)
Posts: 267/2515
(29-Sep-2005 at 03:42)

i want forced surrenders! my kd was at war, won it with 56% after minimum wartime, but the other kd didnt want to surrender, and another 24 hours later, we gained 1k off them, and preferred not to resort to mass razing as it gains nothing. my kd won fair and square, but the other kd didnt surrender when they clearly lost.
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Posts: 459/782
(29-Sep-2005 at 08:10)

Did they hit the surrending button? NO!
Did you win? NO!

Just raping a kd is NOT winning a war, this is why mehul is againt forced surrenders, you dont win a war just by hitting more and gaining more, war is fought on the field but also out of it, with talks to the other kd, unless the other kd thinks he can only lose from continuing the war and he has to surender you havent won, you cant just say:

"hey, it's been 48h, i want to do something else, we gained more land so far, so you lost : surrender"

Because they might not feel that way, maybe they think they're coming back at you, in which way they want to keep war for some time to get the meter their way, or they think they didnt lose enough and you guys are draw(i.e if you hit one of their inactives for 2k acres they feel they are the ones winning) you need to agree on war terms BEFORE the war, not say you won cause you chose to end war when you were winning.

-"Just who do you think he is? God?"
-"No, god would have mercy, he won't"
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Posts: 350/600
(29-Sep-2005 at 16:35)
what does forced surrender have to do with copies of mehuls old statements? o.O
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