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(13-Apr-2004 at 01:11)
Angel and Kingdom Agent

At the moment Angel sends CBs into Kingdom Agent once every 60 minutes.
Personally I feel this is way to long, as most people don't stay online that long, and there Intel therefore doesn't get to the to Utopia Angel,

I would like to see an option that allows you to define how long angel waits before sending Intel to Agent..
Pretty much the same way as Forum Agent can.

Can it be made to send the Intel like forum agent can be, and as soon as it has the Intel? User Defined of course

Also why does Angel only send CBs to Agent?
Can it be made to send SoMs, Surveys, Science reports and KD pages to Agent as well?
As angel can send most of them to a forum, why not to Agent as well?

But yeah, I feel these could be very useful features..

He who controls the Future, Conquers the Past. - Kane, The Brotherhood of Nod
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