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(01-Jul-2003 at 03:43)

Why do you think YOUR religon is the right one?

First off, little note, you Atheists out there, you can watch, but don't get involved in the conversation, this isn't about you, this is only about people who have some sort of faith, Atheism is the lack of faith.

Christians, Muslims, Wiccans, Jews, *tries to think of any other religion represented here at UT* Buddhists (on second thought, maybe Bhuddists better stay out of this too), ahm, or whatever, why do you think that YOUR religon is the correct one?

Atheists may argue that you need proof, but proof flies in the face of Faith. Faith is what drives religon, not rationality. Everyone with a particular belief has Faith, but what makes you think that your faith is the right one? How do you know that your way is the correct one?

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