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(27-Oct-2011 at 23:47)
Re: Is god against homophobes

Originally Posted by Voice of Reason: View Post
So what? That doesn't stop them being pointless or ridiculous.
So which set of values in society isn't pointless or ridiculous?

Enter moral absolutism. Are you a bigot, too, VoR?

... and then do the same again, missing the bit at 6:11 where Dawkins says "there is no such thing as the gay gene"
Actually he is giving an explanation scenario 3 where the 'gay gene' may have manifested itself in other ways in the past.

That doesn't change the implications today, at all.

You don't need to be an expert in genetics to know that there is no gay gene, you just need to understand the absolute basics. It is a fundamental principle of genetics that *only physical traits can be inherited*. Ever heard of the Human Genome Project? That mapped the entire human genome and guess what: no gay gene was found.
Wrong. Mapping a sequence of A-T-G-C does not show the function of DNA...

If what you say is true, then genetics would have been a done and dusted field. Guess what, Mr. pseudo-expert, we don't know what DNA does, thats why the Human Genome Project was just the beginning.

Also, "only physical traits can be inherited" is bullshit. You should read George Price, Bill Hamilton, and Richard Dawkins' (particularly his book 'The Selfish Gene'). Behaviour is very, very much encoded in DNA.

I don't know what books youve been reading, VoR. But once again I feel you are completely off the rails with what I thought were mainstream, well-established concepts in the field.

I understand that gay activists would really, really, like there to be a gay gene, because then they could say that homosexuality is innate and, just like being black or being female, they just can't help it. Then they could position their demands for marriage to be altered to accommodate same-sex unions as a noble civil rights-issue.
It's a double-egded sword. It's like saying, because I am born with criminal tendancies then I should be given the right to express them. Society may very well reject those kinds of people, or at least heavily institutionize them, like other 'handicaps'.

There is no gay gene in humans. None has been found and no credible scientist has ever said there is. The gay gene exists only on TV shows and out-of-context, un-provenanced You Tube clips. Homosexuality is a minority behaviour, nothing more, and as such does not qualify to be granted any special rights.
Well, I'm glad I mentioned the gay gene now.

While I do agree with you somewhat, I think that scenario 3 which Dawkins explained still means that there are a large number of genetic factors which contribute to homosexuality. Hormone balance might be one of them.

As for youtube, it's handy. People would usually NOT like to read papers for the sake of a passing internet discussion. If I can find a reputable person who backs up an argument, I'll use it.

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