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(19-Feb-2012 at 18:38)
Information in Angel

To begin, I'm very happy that Angel exists, when I began playing Utopia again after a long absence, I'd started creating an Excel workbook with linked cells, macros, et cetera. Angel simplifies all of that, but leaves me wanting more. There is information that I'd like to have easy access to in Angel, but that I can't seem to find within:
1) A window that would combine the reports of the Throne and Council pages, i.e., everything in my kingdom. Since I'd have selected and copied each page, Angel's clipboard monitor should have parsed all of that data. More detailed information, like a training or building time remaining could be as simple as a pop-up window or a mouse-over effect.
2) An active spells window. I can find only a few, select spells within Angel. I'd like to be able to trigger Angel with copying the "Mystics" tab and have it report each spell's benefit or detriment. For instance, if I have Builder's Boon active, I want to know the cost and duration of building at 'normal' and at 'double'. If such a window is created, I'd also want to be able to change the current spells to verify different scenarios, akin to the current 'goal' ability in the building window.

I was really excited by the possibility of an API for Angel, but then I read further and found that getting a code was only for someone creating a website, app, or plug-in. Since I'm not pursuing any of those options, and it's for server-side information processing, I don't think it will fulfill my requirements, which is a bummer. If options like those aforementioned aren't planned to be added, is there a released Angel source code?

In short, I'd like the clipboard monitor to be more inclusive and a dynamic, more detailed report. Is Angel open source?
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(01-Mar-2012 at 04:10)

lightbulb Re: Information in Angel

Thanks for your post. Angel is not open source, and unfortunately there is no plan to extend it the way you requested.

Brother Green, Utopia Angel creator.
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