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(Posted as tienjin)
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(06-Jul-2002 at 22:28)

building formula's

Ok I have a question for everyone you all have strats with like 10% or 20% but I don't ever see a strat with like 1% or 2% of anything. I have a couple provinces in my kingdom that have like 4 to 6 of almost everything. I know it is wrong and not a good strat but they are bigger than me and I don't want to tell them what to do unless I know what I am talking about so someone help me out here how can I help these players improve. Keep in mind these are not newbies and have probably been doing this for many many ages and while they probably have never gotten super big they are never really small
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(06-Jul-2002 at 22:49)

What size are we talking about? 1000 acres? 2000 acres? More?
Because 1k acres is not big at all, I reached a bit more than that in my first age at 150k NW.

If they are bigger than 2000 acres I begin to wonder how they did this, meaning maintaining a decent military and yet beeing able to grow quick enough.

If you want to teach them a bit, outgrow them and they'll probably listen, if they really want to improve. If not this age, maybe next.

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(13-Jul-2002 at 06:13)
well, some buildings do not need large % but in general they could be stronger based upon what you said.

Hospitals at 2.5% i find to be quite useful myself but something like barracks should be between 10% and 25% if they are to be of any practical use.

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