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(04-Nov-2007 at 16:32)

Building Effeciency Formula

Has there been any research done on how BE changes?
From the guide I can tell that 16.75 jobs filled = 100% BE
How many jobs for 90%, 80% ...?
How quickly does BE drop/raise?

I'm pondering whether it may be effective to run barren lands during non-war, then build my barracks as I go into war.
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(04-Nov-2007 at 18:35)


Blegh, not able to post urls? Hmm.... The site you want is the Utopia Wiki. Google for it, you see a website with 'resource' in the address. That's the one. It shows this formula and it's not 100% correct but it's quite good.


Building Effectiveness

Building Effectiveness affects nearly all buildings, lowering or increasing their productivity.

Workers needed for max efficiency = 67% of jobs.

Changes in Building Effectiveness from utilisation take effect gradually, but science effect and obviously race effect are instantaneous.

(0.5 * (((Peasants + prisoners / 2) / [.67 * Total Jobs]) + 1)) * Sci + Race bonus

RaceBonus: Dwarves = 30%, others = 0%

Science is multiplicative (confirmed), race is added after science (confirmed) and dragon is un-confirmed.

Works perfectly within uncertainty of all subjects including at 51.3% raw BE prov.

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(04-Nov-2007 at 18:53)

So to answer your question: yes, BE is still 100% when you have 16.75 peasants. 16.67 actually. (25 * 2/3 = 16.666667)

More than 16.666 = 100%
16.666 = 100%
13.333 = 90%
10.000 = 80%
6.666 = 70%
3.333 = 60%
0.000 = 50%
So it will never drop below 50%.

You can only get it above 100% through science or by being a dwarf.
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