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(29-Oct-2005 at 14:06)

lightbulb [>=1.69] Understanding Stances in Utopia Angel

Relevant Versions:

Utopia Angel v1.69 and above.

Stances Overview:

Kingdom Stances were introduced in Utopia in Age 30 (Genesis #9). Setting a Kingdom Stance affects all kingdom members in the way as described here. Stances have no effects in War.

Stances in Utopia Angel:

Utopia Angel fully supports Stances. It is important to understand how Stances are implemented in Utopia Angel in order to use them correctly.

The basic usage is straightforward. In the various calculators there is a field for Stance. Clicking on it will pop-up a dedicated window, where you can set a new Stance, and check its effects. However, not all Stance effects as listed in the Guide have effects in Utopia Angel. To see the specific effects in Angel, hold your mouse over the question-mark sign ("?") near the Stance field in the relevant calculator.

Offense and Defense Stance Effects:

The Offense and Defense Stance effects are a bit more complicated to understand, as sometimes they are incorporated inside the Military Efficiency field, and sometimes they are not.

When formatting your Throne page or a Crystal-Ball report, Utopia Angel will automatically calculate the province's Military Efficiency (both Offensive and Defensive). The result of this calculation includes the Stance effects in it!

However, your Military Advisor page in Utopia does not incorporate the Stance effects into the Military Efficiency values. Angel will try to calculate your Stance, based on the current Stance info as set in the Military Calculator, and incorporate it within the Military Efficiency values. That way, the Military Efficiency fields in the Military Calculator always include the Stance effects in them, regardless of the import source.

The following chart demonstrates how Angel imports Military Efficiency values from various sources: Click here.

The Military Calculator's Bonuses Tab:

Normally you should always use the Military Efficiency tab in the Military Calculator. However, experienced users may want to disassemble the Military Efficiency bonus to its individual factors, by using the Bonuses tab. When the Bonuses tab is active, the Stance field in the Military Calculator will affect the bonuses directly, as the Stance effects are no longer part of the Military Efficiency value.

Brother Green, Utopia Angel creator.
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(30-Oct-2005 at 15:05)

** Common Problems and Questions **

• I get different Military Efficiency value from CB and SoM.

Make sure to set the right Stance in the Military Calculator prior to copying the SoM. You may do so manually, or by copying the Kingdom Page. You should also check your War status (ie: Relation fields in both panels), as Stances have no effects in War. CB and SoM should result in similar Military Efficiency value.

• The Stance fields have no effect in the Military Calculator.

You should remember that Offensive and Defensive Stance effects are already incorporated in the Military Efficiency field in the Military Calculator. You may use the Bonuses tab to manually control all the Military Efficiency's factors, including Stance.

Brother Green, Utopia Angel creator.
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