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(22-Feb-2007 at 21:31)
BUG: Angel and Homes

<Tricksta> hard to believ ya...
<Catnub> -10% pop
<Catnub> = 4.5 pop per home rather than 5
<Askarii> homes blow
<Askarii> u could easily draft more by investing that 20% into banks n arms
<AFKain> catwalk it's the other way around though, isn't it?
<Catnub> I don't think so Kain
<Catnub> The better your combined pop bonus, the better homes are
<AFKain> faery has base pop of 90%, homes increase 5 so they'd give more pop
<Catnub> Homes increase 4.5
<AFKain> hmm true
<Askarii> homes hosue 30 people
<Catnub> Undead homes give 5.5
<Askarii> for fae its 27
<Catnub> You only look at the 5 extra
<Tricksta> <Catnub> -10% pop
<Tricksta> <Catnub> = 4.5 pop per home rather than 5
<Tricksta> if thats true
<AFKain> yeah I forgot the mod
<Tricksta> then its not intergrated in angel
<Tricksta> i think... lemme check
* Askarii has quit IRC (Quit: Cheers all ya addicts!)
<Tricksta> yeah i was right angel doesnt add the pop bonus wen calculating homes
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(06-Mar-2007 at 17:45)

sunglasses Re: BUG: Angel and Homes

Thanks for reporting.

Brother Green, Utopia Angel creator.
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