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(30-Oct-2003 at 20:57)

lightbulb Overview: How to post instructions?


A board administrator can customize the behavior of all Forum Agent clients using his board, by posing simple instructions in a predefined thread.

Where to post the instructions?

The Forum Agent looks for the instructions thread inside the default forum, as configured in Utopia Angel. The instructions thread must have the following name and format:

Utopia Angel: Forum Agent Instructions

The instructions thread's content:

The content of the instructions thread consists of commands, using the following syntax:


Where <instruction> and <value> are replaced by the relevant commands. You may post as many instructions as you want, in any order, and even include non-instructions text (for example: comments for the other administrators and moderators).

Overwriting instructions:

If the same instruction appears more than once in the thread, the last occurrence will count, and overwrite the preceding ones, unless specified otherwise for the specific instruction. This enables you to add instructions by posting new messages in the thread, without editing the original message. Notice however that only the first page of the instructions thread is read, so make sure that all the relevant posts fit in the first page.

Securing and positioning the instructions thread:

For obvious reasons, we recommend not to let anyone post in this thread, but to lock it once you're done posting the instructions. We also recommend to keep the instructions thread sticky (always-on-top), when possible. If this thread falls behind the first page of the threads list, it will not be read and ignored by the Forum Agent!

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