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(06-Feb-2002 at 00:09)

lightbulb Can't find your thread?

As an efficiency measure, we now take the liberty to rename thread titles, to better fit their content. We hope that this measure will reduce the amount of multiple threads, dealing with the same topic.

We have discovered the hard way that asking people to come out with meaningful thread names, could never work the way we wish, since either people don't read the request (if you read this, give yourself 2 golden points), or they don't understand their problem deep enough to come out with a good thread name.

We also acknowledge that some people don't even bother to read the other threads when reporting a bug, but unfortunately there is not much we can do in their case, except for merging their duplicate thread with the original one, or pointing them to the original one, and closing their new one.

In conclusion, if you can't find your thread, look for threads with names that could also describe your original problem, or look for threads which were moved to other forums. Moved threads are marked accordingly in the forum display page.

Here are some examples of good and bad thread names.

BAD: Small bug...
BAD: Two bugs! (you should make a new thread for each bug!)
BAD: Military Calculator
BAD: I don't know where to post this...

GOOD: Science formula is off!
GOOD: Can't read export-lines!
GOOD: Ad window is stuck again :-(
GOOD: Wrong relations bonus in Military Calculator

Brother Green, Utopia Angel creator.
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